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1.1 Background to the Study The press is a simple way of getting imformation on daily bases from people of high social status. Although people have always criticise it to an extent, the press has always played an important role in shaping the society. that which we can not deny. Most journalists are aware of this, so they determine, even to the extent of sacrificing their lives, to give the soc research project topics and materials
The success of implementing an Agile methodology within a software development group is dependent on establishing trust amongst the various roles of the product development team. A typical team consists of a Business Analyst, a Product Manager, Project Manager, Developer(s), Tester(s) and possibly a validation representative. Establishing trust among each role is dependent on the establishment research project topics and materials
Writing a good literature review is one of the criteria for a good understanding of the project or research topic you are writing on; it also shows that you have studied and read a lot of books concerning the project or research topic you are given. A good understanding of the published work concerning the topic or question in your field will make it easy for you in writing your project or th research project topics and materials
Technology is being used in almost every atmosphere of our society to accomplish specific tasks. Technology has changed the way we do things and it has brought some fun in our society. It reduces on human errors which can be caused by too much work or stress. Using technology in our society has its own advantages and disadvantages to our social skills. In fact, technology has brought some of th research project topics and materials
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1   BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY Aquaculture of tilapias provides a classic example of a success story of a species group outside its natural range of distribution. The group currently contributes about 3.8 percent to the cultured fish and shellfish production of about 40 million tonnes globally (FAO FishStat, 2002). The current aquaculture production of tilapias research project topics and materials
CHAPTER ONE   INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Until relatively recently, the discipline of development appraisal has remained the provenance of surveyors and developers. It largely been ignored by other participants in the development process, particularly planners, architects and construction specialists. This is now changing. Close attention is now paid to the feasibility and research project topics and materials
Testing has always been an integral part of the educational system since its inception. The concept (testing) can be viewed as a set of tasks presented to a person, the performance of which depends on the possession of a particular body of knowledge and skill.  The emphasis being laid on continuous assessment in Nigeria's educational system has therefore given a boost to the testing research project topics and materials
INTRODUCTION Although caching has been shown to be an efficient technique to improve the performance of database systems, it also introduces the overhead and complexity in maintaining data consistency between the primary copies on servers and the cached copies on clients. Little research has been performed for data caching in the mobile ad-hoc network (MANET) environment where both servers research project topics and materials
Bentonites are clays rich in smectite whose properties such as crystal structure and size, cation exchange capacity (CEC), hydration and swelling, thixotropy, bonding capacity, impermeability, plasticity and tendency to react with organic compounds make them advantageous for a variety of applications. Smectites are 2:1 type of aluminosilicate having crystal lattice that consists of two-d research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT Newspapers are veritable tools for promoting literacy through reading, writing, and dialogues (among readers and critics), which are the hallmarks of effective and efficient use of language. Newspapers have a built-in capacity to motivate readers. As a result, it is the common practice in most parts of the country to have people congregate around newspapers stands and vendors every morni research project topics and materials
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