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Auditing through the computer can be described as accessing, analyzing and reporting the electronic data file in its electronic state with the objective of ensuring that it conforms to operational control requirement according to “Joshua Onukagha”.   The culmination of the effort of the environment, hardware, software security etc according to Nancy Joy (1977) is the electro research project topics and materials
The recent report by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) that a staggering 112.519 million Nigerians live in relative poverty conditions is alarming. This figure represents 69 per cent of the country's total population estimated to be 163 million.  More worrisome is the fact that the poverty rate is rising at a time the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth rate is put at 7.75 per ce research project topics and materials
Writing a good literature review is one of the criteria for a good understanding of the project or research topic you are writing on; it also shows that you have studied and read a lot of books concerning the project or research topic you are given. A good understanding of the published work concerning the topic or question in your field will make it easy for you in writing your project or th research project topics and materials
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CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY May 29, 1999 marked a watershed in Nigeria's political annals. It was the dawn of the Fourth Republic, a return to democratic rule after several years under the yoke of military misrule which was marked by much suffering, infrastructure decay, and institutionalized corruption. The hope of the common man for a just and an egalitarian research project topics and materials
Abstract  Computer system is well known today as electronic device that accept input ecths in data representation and transform it to meaningful output. This project was conducted to access and solve the problem of paper ballot system that currently of used in conducting election by the (INEC).the way election are conducted determine the type of leader that constitute the governor and nature research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT This study evaluated the activity of antilipemic water extracts from leaves of Desmodium velutinum albino Wistar rats. Phytochemical analysis of leaf extract showed the presence of tannins, saponins, alkaloids, soluble carbohydrates, flavonoids, reducing sugars, steroids, cyanide and terpenes. Animals were treated with drugs known (2ml atorvastatin). There were lots of HDL reductions research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT   The antiviral activities of plant leaves extract of four species, were investigated. The extract were tested for antiviral activities on the host plant (Cocumba) against Moroccan watermelon mosaic virus. Results showed that two plants (Phyllanthus amerus and Mirabiles jalapa) presented inhibitory activities against the virus. While Ficus exaspirata and&nbs research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT Rhodanese, a ubiquitous enzyme, catalyzes the detoxification of cyanide by sulphuration reaction. Cyanide is a highly toxic substance and an ineffective detoxification of this substance may lead to inhibition of respiration, production of ATP and its dependent processes, liver damage and necrosis in aquatic organisms. Considering the habitat of this fish which is a reservoir, it is exp research project topics and materials
CHAPTER ONE 1.1   INTRODUCTION  Canning food has been a labor of love for generations of families. Today has become an opportunity to take control of the food you and your family consume. The key to successful canning understands the acidity and spoilage factor of the food you wish to can, as well as the acceptable canning methods to process those foods. There are two types of fo research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT The effect of leaf extract of ocimum gratissimium (scent leaf) and vernonia Amygdalina (bitter leaf) under nicotinanmide coverage was studied using albino wistar rat. Acute toxicity of the plant was carried out using (Lorkes method). LD50 was calculated to be 208 mglkg. The main work involved 49 albino wistar rats weighing 150g to 200g. The rats were put in 7 groups of 7 rats each. Rats research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT Construction projects are subjected to several risks due to different activities involved. The activities are performed by several parties under different circumstances. Among the various stakeholders the Contractor has been identified to be the party that carries the highest number of risks. They are mostly exposed to contractual risks which occur as a function of contract provisions research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT  Animal bones (cow), clay, feldspar and quartz where used to simulate the production of human teeth. The animal bones also referred to as hydroxyapatite sample was collected from an abattoir in Amansea, Anambra state, Nigeria. It was fired, calcined, crushed and sieved then used as one of the major constituent to fabricate various dental samples. The kankara clay sample was collec research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT The candle molding machine is a vital device which cannot be done without, in any nation. This is because of the indispensable role candle plays, especially when there is no either source of light. In order to enhance adequate supply to both urban and rural consumers, the production of a candle molding machine is important. The major component of the candle molding machine are: t research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of training and development of manpower in an organization for efficient performance with special reference to (P.H.C.N) Power Holding Company of Nigeria Zonal Headquarter Owerri. In contemporary time, the practice of training employees has become a popular phenomenon in the entire personnel policy of many organizations. The programm research project topics and materials
CHAPTER ONE 1.1     INTRODUCTION The increasing desire of the government and civilization to improve the maintenance of law and order and to engage in crime prevention, has led to the search for data on all aspect of crime. This will enable the government to know whether crime is increasing or decreasing. Crime in a normal sense is an act or offence which is punis research project topics and materials
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