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Often our bodies react negatively towards a particular drug or food, and we feel uncomfortable about these reactions. However, medical experts over the years have linked this to hormonal imbalance in our body. This imbalance can lead to many mild or severe clinical issues within our body. Thus, hormonal imbalance is a malfunction of one or more hormones in the body (Ruth, 2014). Eac research topics and materials
The problem of exchange rate has really become a thorn on the economy of Nigeria. So many people are looking for a good forex broker. So many names have been called. Some people will direct you to visit some of these forex websites such as,,, some will still direct you to MFI forex. All these are all good. But not the most relia research topics and materials
The curse of being a critical thinker is that you can't turn it off, I've discovered. So you become a critical thinker about everything you've been told or taught, and as it turns out, most of what we've all been taught about genetics is a lie. But don't take my word for it. Join me as we take an honest, critical look at genetics using the same kind of skepticism scientists research topics and materials
The success of implementing an Agile methodology within a software development group is dependent on establishing trust amongst the various roles of the product development team. A typical team consists of a Business Analyst, a Product Manager, Project Manager, Developer(s), Tester(s) and possibly a validation representative. Establishing trust among each role is dependent on the establishment research topics and materials
The typical Nigerian youth’s vulnerability exposes him to various activities which either benefit him or otherwise. One of such negative activities, is the indiscriminate use of drugs which has dangerous effects on him and the society. From alcohol to other psychoactive or performance enhancing drugs, the effect of the dependence on these drugs tend to alter responses to sensations alertness research topics and materials
Only two countries remain endemic to the paralysing disease The World Health Organization announced on Friday that polio is no longer endemic in Nigeria. This is the first time that Nigeria has interrupted transmission of wild poliovirus, bringing the country and the African region closer than ever to being certified polio-free. The Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI), the public-priv research topics and materials
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