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The question “Why Research Project” is a very fundamental one, which seeks to know the importance of research projects. However, to answer the question adequately, there arises the need to examine briefly the issues surrounding the emergence of research itself. It is no exaggeration that we have always lived in a world full of so many facts-yet to be known and yet to be discovered.

To be able to rise above the challenges posed by his environment therefore, man was created curious and inquisitive. By nature, he sought after finding answers to the numerous puzzling and yet-to-be answered questions in his environment. Due to the fact that he was always surrounded by this situation, man found himself being compelled to search for answers to this wide range of “unknowns” as a precondition for his survival in his environment.

Even though, man had always been in this condition of ever searching for solutions, it is remarkable to note that the approaches have also been crude and haphazard. It was only with the advent of science that things changed for the better in this regard. This is because science brought about a formalized and systematised approach to this effort, such that there are new, common and indeed, widely accepted ways of carrying out the “search”.

This is what many often refer to as the “scientific method.” Thus, the importance of research to individuals, groups, corporate bodies and governments, in both private and public lives of any society cannot be overemphasized.

The Importance of Research in Society

Research was considered as one of the most important tools for: -

(a) Advancing the Frontier of Knowledge: - The outcomes/results of research projects are expected to contribute something new, however little, to knowledge in that particular area of study. By such a contribution, the present boundaries of knowledge in that field will be extended and expanded further. Most inventions and discoveries made by man by man especially those of the scientists are direct products of research efforts.

(b) Promoting Progress in the Society: - This is related to the above in that progress in society is the direct product of the application of research results to addressing social, political and economic problems. Though such applications, the human society is made a better place for everyone to live in. This has had a tremendous impact in the condition of our generation today when compared with those of our forefathers. Few examples of such research products include the computers and Internet.

(c) Enabling Man to Relate More Effectively with his Environment: - Due to the complex nature of man’s environment in which man had found himself, he has little or no choice than to subject the environment to his own which and caprices; if must survive the reward of such efforts in terms of research has helped man not only to better understand his environment but also to subject same to his deserves through “conquest”. By “conquering” his environment therefore, man held proven that he is in control of what happens in and around his immediate and even distant environments. No wonder than that we all talk about “the global village” today in apparent reference to the world, which has now shrunk to the size of a typical village, as a result of breakthrough in the area of telecommunications, and computer, which are themselves products of research.

(d) Assisting Man to Accomplish his Purpose: - As a result of the exponential advances mentioned above, it goes without saying that individuals and groups who live today have had their lots much more improved when compared to those of the earlier times. This is for the fact that research impact naturally translates into great social, economic and political benefits for the citizens. Individual goals become much easier to accomplish; thereby making life more meaningful and desirable to the majority.

(e) Helping Man to Resolve his Conflicts: - It is a known fact that men lives in a state of constant conflicts; if not between him and his environment; certainly, between him and his fellows. This can be accounted for by the fact that what he needs to know far outweighed what he already knew. It is by constant engagement in this “discovery” process known as research that he stands great chance of getting answers to his numerous problems; thereby resolving his conflicts.

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