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ABSTRACT The study was carried out to analyse how organizations and other stakeholders can make use of accounting ratios to critically analyze financial statements to evaluate organizational performance, using Union bank as case study. Union Bank of Nigeria Plc.       The analysis of financial disclosed that although investors and performance evaluation analysis reli research project topics and materials
Electronic banking have long been recognized to play an important role in economic development on the basis of their ability to create liquidity in the economy through financial intermediation between savers and borrowers. It also offers financial services and products that accelerate settlement of transactions and in the process reduce cash intensity in the financial system, encourage banking cul research project topics and materials
1.1 HISTORICAL BACKGROUND OF THE NIGERIA STOCK EXCHANGE IN THE ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT OF NIGERIAN. The need to mobilize financial resources by government can not be the only priority as the country development need for outstripped Its revenue generation capacity. Experience in Nigerian has shown that revenue from taxation and statutory allocation alone are not sufficient to finance research project topics and materials
Articles on this site are extracts from literature review of research projects, Get the full Project   2.1   CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK  A budget is defined by the Institute of Cost and management Accountants as “a planned outcome to be generated and for the expenditure to ensure during that period and the capital to be employed to attain a given objective.  Ez research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT   Nigeria’s economy is characterized very by large number relative of micro enterprises, and in between lie small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The unique feature of most SMEs is that, they can be easily established since their requirement in terms of capital, technology; management and even utilities are not as demanding as it is the case of large enterprises. Consequen research project topics and materials
THE CONCEPT OF RISK  Risk has been the subject of study by different scholars over the years with several meaning and definitions. But the most accepted definitions are that of J.E Banister and P.A Bawcutt (1980). They define risk as follows: Risk is the object doubt concerning the outcome of a given situation. Risk is the uncertainty as to the occurrence of an economic loss. Risk research project topics and materials
Accounting is like eyes and ears of the management, it is also regarded as the language of business. Each business entity must know what is doing and where it is going financially. Accounting keeps the financial score for a business, it call attention to the problem and the opportunities that comfort the enterprise. Where action in needed, it suggests possible solution or answers.  Account research project topics and materials
Confidence accounting is a new development and radical approach to accounting. Confidence accounting is a probabilistic approach as opposed to the traditional deterministic one. Confidence accounting is gradually evolving based on the promise that I might lead to better financial decisions by enabling decision makers to take a imager term view or an balance the odds as well as the books (Long fina research project topics and materials
Bank service delivery is concerned with the provision of quality services to customers. Obviously, one of the factors that separate competitors (banks) from the other (other banks) in the Nigerian banking industry is their level of services delivery. This is because service delivery determines the level of customers’ satisfaction and consequently, the customer patronage of any bank. The patr research project topics and materials
The market for audit services has been recognize to be segmented into varying sub-markets or sub-sectors of an economy. Empirical researchers have shown that the concentration has been as the private sector market than in the public sector. Prices paid to the external auditors for audit services differ significantly from that of the public sector. The basis of determining these fees the statutory research project topics and materials
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