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ABSTRACT           This research relates to a candle composition containing non-hydrogenated oil and at least one of long-chain hydrocarbon and long-chain hydrocarbon derivatives. A candle composition having non-hydrogenated oil and a solidifying amount of congealing reagent. A candle composition having paraffin, non-hydrogenated oil, and a solidifyi research project topics and materials
BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY         Rice (Oriza Sativa) is an integral part of human being, it is the world’s only crop that was planted by emperors and kings offered to the gods and eaten by both the wealthiest and the poor. Rice is an annual crop and the most important staple food crop in tropic countries; commercially it is the most important cereal after research project topics and materials
BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY Cassava is one of the most important crops grown in the tropics and a major carbohydrate staple. It is the third most important source of calories in the tropics after cereal crops (FAO, 2008). World production of cassava is estimated at 242 million tonnes, of which 54% (130 million tonnes) is produced in Africa. West Africa alone contributes about 68 million tonnes, equ research project topics and materials
:  BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY         In developing countries as in the case of Nigeria, Agriculture dominates the nation’s economy. It has been established that about two percent of Nigeria population is engaged in agriculture (Obasi and Aug 2000) while 90 percent of Nigeria total food production comes from small farms and two the percent of the count research project topics and materials
Abstract The burning of natural vegetation no doubt removes the protective cover of the soil surface and depreciates the quality of the soil. Burning is done without regards to soil degradation and this called for this work have the project focuses attention on the merits and demerits of bush burning and appraise its useful suggestions are given with viable recommendations which will improve an research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT The purpose of this study was to investigate problem and prospect of pig farming in Ovia North East Local Government Area of Edo State four research questions formulated and analyzed. The respondents were made up of pig farmers Ovia North East Local Government Area. All the respondents were randomly selected from the three main markets in Ovia North East Local Government Area and seven research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT Background ICT brings forth new development surfacing in agriculture. Youths need to improve their ICT abilities for the promotion of agriculture. This study was carried out in Kaduna state Nigeria. Objective the broad objective of the study was to determine the socio-economic factors that affect the utilization of ICT in fish production by youth in Kaduna State. Methods 100 youths were research project topics and materials
1.0 INTRODUCTION Grasshoppers and locusts include insects in different families belonging to the super family Acridoidea and the order Orthoptera Grasshoppers and locusts are distinguishable from other orthopterans primarily on the basis of their external morphology. The most obvious and distinctive features of grasshoppers and locusts are their enlarged hind legs and their relatively short and research project topics and materials
INTRODUCTION  Food security is a concept that has evolved during the 1990s far beyond a traditional focus on the supply of food at the national level. This concept has been given general definitions in time past but in recent times, there has been a divergence of ideas on what food security really means. food security is  defined as access by all people at all times to enough food for a research project topics and materials
The African Oil Palm, Elaeis guineensi jacq (Jacquin, 1963), is placed in the Arecaceae family which contains about 225 genera with over 2600 species along with coconut and date palms cultivars.  There are 3 naturally occurring forms of the oil palm fruit, termed dura, tenera and pisifera.  The selection of dura female and pisifera male parents is carried out to obtai research project topics and materials
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