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CHAPTER ONE   1.1  BACKGROUND OF STUDY   Hormones are chemicals produced by animals to co-ordinate their physiological activities. They acts as messengers, produced in and released from one kind of tissue to gradually stimulate or inhibit some process in a different tissue over a long period. The importance of individual hormones varies between sexes and age and a disrup research project topics and materials
Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen accidentally discovered x-rays in 1895 while conducting some experiments in his laboratory (Yochum and Rowe 2005). The “X” in x-rays represented the unknown ray as Roentgen did not know what to name the invisible rays. One of the significant aspects of this discovery was the development of the clinical radiography which allows us to “see” the interna research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT The aim of this study was to assess the plantar arch index among residents in ovia northeast L.G.A and to determine the prevalence of pes planus. A total of 380 subjects comprising of 194 males and 186 females aged 16-35 years were used for the study. The dynamic footprints of the subjects were obtained using endorsing ink and plain duplicating paper. The plantar arch index was determi research project topics and materials
CHAPTER ONE 1.1            BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY   Roebuck et al noted that anthropometric data varies considerably for individuals within a family or a nation and between nations. Anthropometry refers to the measurement of living human body dimensions for the purpose of understanding human body physical variation as it play research project topics and materials
Anthropometry deals with the measurement of physical sizes and shapes of human body (D. Poswillo, 1963). In differentiating people of different ethnic backgrounds, nutritional status, and gender, according to G. V. Shah and H. R. Jahhav, 2004, anthropometric data seems to be useful. Several measurable anthropometric parameters or variables have been developed over the years for establishing possib research project topics and materials
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