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ABSTRACT The level of revenue generated in the state has been in a declining form due to poor administration and collections of taxes and lack of proper return of accounts. These are the negative effects that affect government revenue generation which are targeted to meet her basic functions like provision of basic amenities for her citizenry in the state. The aim of this research study is to e research project topics and materials
1.1BACKGROUNDTOTHESTUDY THE NEED FOR A DISASTER MANAGEMENT CENTRE Disaster means a progressive or sudden, widespread or localised, natural or human caused occurrence which causes or threatens to cause; Death, injury or disease, Damage to&nbs research project topics and materials
INTRODUCTION   The subject of airport passenger terminal building must involve a discussion of transportation. Transportation has remained one of the most vital factors that influence the development of a nation. The credibility of this statement has been proven over the centuries, that if one decides to take a critical look at earlier civilizations, from the time of early Egyptian civi research project topics and materials
INTRODUCTION 1   1 BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY Paint Factory or plant is an industrial site, usually consisting of buildings and machinery, or more commonly a complex having several buildings, where workers process raw materials into paint. Factories arose with the introduction of machinery during the industrial revolution when the capital and space requirements became too great for research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT The prevalence of streptococcus pneumonia in pneumonia patients using university of Nigeria Teaching Hospital (UNTH) Enugu as a case study was carried out based on the fact of the pneumonia is one of the commonest afflictions of the aged people and children worldwide. A total of 50 samples were collected. 12 (24%) of the sample were from sputum while 38 (76%) were from nasopharyned swa research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT Mans activities are affected in several ways by the immediate environment he lives in and what condition he found himself. Any activity that gives pleasures and is engaged in form of choice and not from necessity can be considered recreation”. Park and recreation, the benefit is endless”. If man spends his time wisely, he can greatly enrich his life. His recreation can help research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT The project envisages the establishment of a plant for the production of poultry feed with a capacity of 2500 tons per annum. Poultry feed it’s a balanced feed which aids proper development of chicks and pullet. Poultry feed mill processing factory provided opportunity of employment to the unemployed people of the proposed area. The state requirement of poultry feed is met throug research project topics and materials
CHAPTER 1 F00TBALL ACADEMY 1.1   BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY         The Academy of football or just The academy is a nickname of English football club westham United. The pays homage to the success of the club in coaching talented younger players. The title, originally attributed to the club by the club and is displayed in several prominent place research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT “Market” is an area or setting in which price making forces (demand and supply) operates. Marketing performs the role of bridging special geographical gap by making sure that goods and services are moved from the point of production to the point of consumption. Agricultural marketing is an essential tool for development yet, farmers suffer from a number of difficulties that research project topics and materials
BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY Tooth decay was low in pre-agricultural societies, the growth in farming society about 10,000 years ago correlated with an increase with the rate of cavities.  An infected tooth from Italy partially cleaned with flint tools, aged between 13,820 and 14,160 years old, represents the oldest known dentistry. The Indus Valley Civilization (IVC) has yielded evidence research project topics and materials
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