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1   BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY There are few innovations that have changed the dynamics of banking as much as the e-banking revolution. Throughout the world, banks are reorganizing their business strategies to take advantage of new business opportunities offered by e-banking. Electronic banking is believed to have started in the early 1980s. It has since then been growing in an unprecedent research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT It’s necessary to review the need for marketing research in an industry. However, it does not have to be that way, but because many companies and even industries have failed to take marketing research important in product development. Marketing managers and other professionals are now relying more on marketing research in product development to make better decision clearly, mark research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT Entrepreneurship is as old as Nigeria and had contributed to the growth of the economy. Presently in Nigeria, SMEs assist in promoting the growth of the country’s economy, hence Commercial Banks and all the levels of government at different times have policies which promote the growth and sustenance of SMEs. This project examined the role of commercial banks in the development research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT The electronic banking system has become an important practice among commercial banks in Nigeria. The introduction of this electronic banking has improved banking efficiency in rendering services to the customer, It was in line with this that the study aimed to examine the impact of the electronic banking system in Nigeria. the population of the study used for this research work was 50 research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT The aim of this project work is directed toward the identification and analysis of the functional impacts of the microfinance banks on the grass-roots economic development in Nigeria. This idea by the government was mooted to cater for the financial needs of people at the lower rung of the ladder in the society as aptly put forward by the Governor of Central Bank of Nigerian (CBN), Pro research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT Several statistical approaches were implemented to carry out this research, in which Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Nigeria Institute of Economic Research (NISER), National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) were involved, information were adequately collected and analysed respectively. The purpose of the study is to evaluate the effe research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT This research work was undertaken to assess the effect of risk and credit management on bank performance with reference to Zenith Bank Plc. This work was intended to achieve the following objectives: to appraise and determine the lending procedure of banks, to highlight the extent to which improper project evaluation influence risk and credit management on bank performance research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT This study is based on "The Effect of Credit Risk Management on the profitability of Banks in Nigeria". The main objective of the study was to investigate both the positive and negative effects credit risk management on banks profitability growth and development. The researcher in the course of study made use of questionnaires as a method of d research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT This project examined the Contribution of Financial Institutions in Nigeria to the Growth of Manufacturing Industry. The research adopted ex-post facto research method. Data was basically collected by secondary means through CBN Statistical Bulletin. Data gathered span 2005 to 2014. Three hypotheses were formulated and tested with the used of regression analysis and T-test. Based on research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT   This study examines Management Information System in Bank Performance with reference to Union Bank Plc, it analyze general concern for every organization in recent times most especially because of the role it plays in the acquisition of skilled and knowledge required by employees in the performance of their job for the adierement of organizational effectiveness and it entails research project topics and materials
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