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INTRODUCTION The relevance of road to life and its activities cannot be over emphasized. Road is as old as the origin of man and plays a vital role in the life of the people in communities, states, countries. It is quite obvious that life would have been very difficult without the existence of roads. Nigeria for instance acknowledged the importance of road such that the local, state and federal research project topics and materials
INTRODUCTION The work in the construction industry involves the client, the Architect, the Engineer, the quantity surveyor and the builders. A structural project is initiated by the Engineer (Civil Engineer). The process of designing begins with the Engineers appreciation of the client’s requirements. After the specification given to the Engineer by Architect according to the requirement o research project topics and materials
INTRODUCTION Before a designer can relate his requirements dearly in a construction industry, a drawing is to be prepared; this is because the drawing serves as a general means of communication. Thus, the drawing is adopted mostly, then other means of communication in engineering sectors. A structured engineer mostly engages himself in designs on construction of structures. Like roads, bridges, research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT Groundwater hydrology may be defined as the science of the occurrence distribution, and movement of water below the surface of the earth. Geochydrology has an identical connotation, and hydrogeology differs only by its greater emphasis on geology. Utilization of groundwater dates from ancient times, although an understanding of the occurrence and movement of subsurface water as part of research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT This thesis on a project undertaken by the author is aimed at providing explanation of the basic theory of the work of road design and its associated activities also, to cover practical methods of working. In pursuit of the meaningful completion this project a lot of investigation was embarked with principles and practice of road construction. The total distance of route was determine research project topics and materials
INTRODUCTION In other to provide information to contractors in a construction industry for works to be carried out on sites, drawings are produce, which serves as means of communication are used by designers in every engineering specters. For those reason, the works are mostly work of a structural engineer to design a construction of structure for sheltering to be completed, such as road, bridge research project topics and materials
CHAPTER ONE 1.0     INTRODUCTION 1.1     BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY  The development of soil erosion began when man settled down and started turning pasture land into farmland. The intensive exploitation of the land disturbed the natural soil vegetative cover and exposed its, surface to the effect of erosive agents and to introduce such forms of a research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT Construction projects are subjected to several risks due to different activities involved. The activities are performed by several parties under different circumstances. Among the various stakeholders the Contractor has been identified to be the party that carries the highest number of risks. They are mostly exposed to contractual risks which occur as a function of contract provisions research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT The successful implementation of building projects may be impaired without a good knowledge of the environmental factors that contribute to building projects abandonment and this abandonment makes it difficult to achieve the benefit to be derived from the projects. The aim of the study was to evaluate the environmental factors that lead to abandonment of public building projects, with research project topics and materials
ASTRACT Building, civil engineering and heavy engineering projects are major contributions from the construction industry to national development. Buildings occupy the central focus of any infrastructural development and it is constructed to basically provide the citizenry with safe and comfortable enclosure for abode, business and industrial activities in enclosures free from the vagaries of t research project topics and materials
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