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ABSTRACT  This research study tries to investigate the management problems of public enterprises, a case study of Anambra motor manufacturing company (ANAMMCO) One of the major objectives of any government is a stable growth and development of the country through industrialization.  One of the avenues through which this is achieved is by the establishment of public enterprises. research project topics and materials
BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Employer provides work for employees just as an employee, on the other hand, enables organization and nation to provide or produce goods and services for the ultimate benefit of mankind (O’ Donnell 2000). This is essential in the nation-building process.  When goods are provided and services rendered, economic benefits also come to play.  According to research project topics and materials
BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY We live in a world of packaging our foods, our supplies and to a large extent our clothing. We use packaging in a wide variety of forms, shapes, and materials. Packaging means all the activities in the product planning that involves designing and producing the container or wrapper for a product. The wrapper container is called the package. The exterior cover for a produ research project topics and materials
BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Market segmentation is a vital issue in marketing strategy. Therefore, marketing segmentation is the sub-dividing of a market into district subset of customers where any subsets may conceivably be selected as a target to be reaching with a district marketing mix. Kotler (2008) opines that a market is a place or a geographical area where buyers and sellers meet and func research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT This study is conducted on an Assessment of Contribution of Commercial Banks in the Economic Development of Nigeria. The concept is also an eye-opener to the society and business as well. The research was carried out by means of questionnaires and oral interview with the official/staff of the bank selected on which the following questions that need to be tested are based on the contrib research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT Lending is an important activity of a Bank Loans advances have long been accepted as the most important asset of the bank. Unfortunately, as loans/advances constitute the most profitable asset of the bank, it is also the silkiest. Thus, when the asset is not properly managed, the bank may occur losses, which may lead ultimately, lead to our distress. Therefore, this study research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT Every organization doing exceedingly well on the face of the earth rely heavily on budgets, and budgetary control measures to improve performance, through adequate resource allocation. Budget and Budgetary control, both at management and operational level looks at the future and lays down what has to be achieved. Control checks whether or not the plans are realized, and puts into effect research project topics and materials
Today, work-life balance has become an increasingly pervasive concern to both employers and employees of most organizations. A work-life balance which primarily deals with an employee’s ability to properly prioritize between work and his or her lifestyle, social life, health, family etc., is greatly linked with employee productivity, performance and job satisfaction. Where there research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT This project work takes a look at the effect of internal control on organizational performance using a case study of Ecobank Nigeria Plc. The main purpose of this study is to examine the effect of internal control on organizational performance i.e how as internal control aid organizational performance in Ecobank Nigeria Plc. The research design used during the course of this study w research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT This study is aimed at examining the significance of inventory control and organizational performance, a study of PZ, llupeju, Lagos. The survey research design was used in this research. The researcher made use of a structural questionnaire as the research instrument to collect relevant data from 120 respondents on the subject matter of the research out of which a total of 105 questio research project topics and materials
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