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Every single business in the world can only meet their aim if they are able to sell their products to customers, in Nigeria today marketing focus mainly on the whole sellers, retaillers and the consumers; to know their needs and improve on their desires. Educating the regard to the availability of products and to important products features developing strategies to persuade them to buy and finally research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT   The main thrust of this study is to unveil the working capital management practices of small and medium scale enterprises in Akwa Ibom Stateof Nigeria. A well designed and implemented working capital management is expected to contributes positively to the creation of a firms values.   The study used descriptive and analytical sample survey for the representation an research project topics and materials
Articles on this site are extracts from literature review of research projects, Get the full Project INTRODUCTION:   The purpose for this study was to determine the training Manpower Development and Employee Performance in an organization. Training of Manpower has been one of the pressing problems that have greatly affected the economy of any nation. Since the problem of training man research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT  Accounting information provided by means of financial statements- The income statement and the Balance Sheet are often in summarized form.  Viewed on the surface, the truths about the results and the financial position of a business hidden in them remain veiled.  To be of optimal benefit and as well enable the users make well – informed decisions, financial statem research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT   Governments, donors and NGOs have over the years initiated and implemented programmes aimed at empowering women economically and socially. Despite these efforts some challenges still remain. Microfinance as tool for women empowerment has become the main subject of many global and regional conferences, seminars and workshops. This study therefore examined the contribution of m research project topics and materials
CHAPTER ONE 1.0    Introduction  The present biggest challenge is developing an economy of a country’s sustainable growth and development to serve as a benchmark for economies the world over. In order to live up to this challenge, most governments’ direct their efforts towards obtaining and maintaining this sustainable growth and development to ensure a better research project topics and materials
Background to the Study  Human resource function becomes recognized as a central business concern sequel to its ability to integrate employee welfare and organizational objective and effective communication into strategic management. Human resource management seeks to eliminate the meditation role and adopts a generally unitarist perspective. It emphasizes strategy and planning rather than research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT   This study explains the various accoutning ratios that can be used in interpreting financial statements of businesses to determine the financial position of the firm as well as aid investors to make informed decisions. Questionnaires were distributed to 25 manament and non-management staff of MTN Uyo Office. Both primary and secondary sources of data was used for the study.Th research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT   The study looked at the Impact of Venture Capital Financing on SMEs in the Uyo Local Government area. Efforts by successive Government to improve on the performance and growth of SMEs had led to the enactment of different policies and act including the Venture Capital Fund to assist SMEs. SMEs still in Nigeria have been faced with liquidity and financing challenges leading to research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT  Management, not the auditor is responsible for setting up and monitoring of the internal control system. Internal control system cannot fully be regarded as effective not even when the design and implementation is properly done; this is because the effectiveness of an internal control system depends on the competency and dependability of the people using it. Bank failures and wid research project topics and materials
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