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BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Most organizations have realized that the performance of their workers plays a vital role in determining the success of the organization (Shaheen et al 2013; Ajila and Awonusi, 2004). Elnaga and Imran (2013) stress that for employees to develop the desired knowledge, skills and abilities to perform well on the job, they need effective training programs that may also influe research project topics and materials
BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Inflation has become a significant problem for Africa and Nigeria in particular during the past thirty years. Since the first oil shock in the mid-1970s, African inflation rates have averaged more than 15 percent a year. For Sub-Saharan Africa, the average inflation rate has been closer to 20 percent a year. A few Sub-Saharan countries have even experienced inflation rates research project topics and materials
INTRODUCTION The smallest firms play a critical role in economic development. Small enterprises provide jobs for between a third and half of the labour force in many economies. In developing countries, small enterprises contribute to the alleviation of poverty. Small firms also form a pool from which larger firms may grow. The ability of small firms to grow depends largely on the economic conditi research project topics and materials
BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Today’s organisations are confronted with rapidly changing market conditions, indicated by high churn rates and strong competitors. Under these conditions, traditional management approaches that focus on financial figures and on centralized, analytical planning methods are considered to be insufficient for effectively steering the organization in a dynamical environm research project topics and materials
BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY The unwillingness or inability of the formal financial institutions to provide financial services to the urban and rural poor, coupled with the unsustainability of government-sponsored development financial schemes contributed to the growth of private sector-led microfinance in Nigeria. Before the emergence of formal microfinance institutions, informal microfinance activ research project topics and materials
BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY An organisation is a collection of people and resources guided by a common vision and mission. The mission and vision of an organisation classify it as either business, political social or cultural organisation. Because people are social animals, they are bound to interact resulting in the development of tides among people of same interests, visions, and minds, which would research project topics and materials
The fundamental question in economic growth that has preoccupied researchers is why do countries grow at different rates. The empirical growth literature has come up with numerous explanations of cross-country differences in growth, including factor accumulation, resource endowments, the degree of macroeconomic stability, educational attainment, institutional development, legal system effectivenes research project topics and materials
1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Corporate social responsibility (CSR), in all its shades, is a fast-growing concept with little attention paid to its linguistic undertone. It is not uncommon in the literature, and in practice, for CSR discourses to be overly constructed along such moral ends as philanthropy (Carroll, 2004) and altruism (Lantos, 2001). Despite the need for business to be morally conduct research project topics and materials
BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY The Nigerian banking industry has witnessed a dramatic transformation since the December 31, 2005, deadline for bank recapitalisation. Overall, the banking sector has experienced steady consolidation through recapitalisation and mergers and acquisitions that have resulted in fewer banks holding a greater value of the total assets in the sector (Okpanachi, 2011). Spearheade research project topics and materials
BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY This research work purports to examine the role of public expenditure on the economic growth of Nigeria. The roles of the fiscal authority in developed and developing countries vis à vis developed countries are markedly different. In both developed and developing countries, there is a concern for raising living standards over time, but this need is much more pronoun research project topics and materials
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