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Accounting is like eyes and ears of the management, it is also regarded as the language of business. Each business entity must know what is doing and where it is going financially. Accounting keeps the financial score for a business, it call attention to the problem and the opportunities that comfort the enterprise. Where action in needed, it suggests possible solution or answers.  Account research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT   Nigeria’s economy is characterized very by large number relative of micro enterprises, and in between lie small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The unique feature of most SMEs is that, they can be easily established since their requirement in terms of capital, technology; management and even utilities are not as demanding as it is the case of large enterprises. Consequen research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT The aim of the study was to carried out an analyse on  how organizations and other stakeholders can make use of accounting ratios to critically analyse financial statements to evaluate organizational performance, using Union bank as case study. Union Bank of Nigeria Plc.       The analysis of financial ratios disclosed that although investors research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT   The study is to investigate the appraisal on the  role of government in poverty alleviation in Nigeria with a special reference to National Poverty Eradication Programme NAPEP. The research introduces the background of the study in chapter one and brief historical background. Some of the objectives of this study is to identify the impact of NAPEP in the eradica research project topics and materials
 CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1   BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY  Housing shortage is one of the most serious developmental challenges presently confronting Nigeria. Stakeholders and industry operatives in building technology are unanimous in their opinion that the process of housing delivery in Nigeria needs a change of strategy. In this study, the researcher is examining mode research project topics and materials
Articles on this site are extracts from literature review of research projects, Get the full Project   What is common stock?  Common stock as it is called by the America investor is what is normally referred to as ordinary share or Equity.  Ordinary share supply the basic risk capital of the company represented by shares (denominated) with a nominal value for instance in research project topics and materials
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY. In  Nigeria of today, every organization, large or small, private or public enterprise, human resources (employees) are always the pillar to the success of the organization. These human elements have their individual drives, desires, needs, wishes and similar forces which they intend to satisfy when they are coming into research project topics and materials
HISTORICAL BACKGROUND OF THE NIGERIA STOCK EXCHANGE IN THE ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT OF NIGERIAN.   The need to mobilize financial resources by government can not be over emphasized as the country development need for outstripped  Its revenue generation capacity. Experience in Nigerian has shown that revenue from taxation and statutory allocation alone are not sufficient to finance t research project topics and materials
CHAPTER ONE 1.1      BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY  The challenges facing our educational system in tertiary institution centers on quality attainment of education delivery, almost everything connected with education in tertiary institution is in short supply. Quality teachers are in short supply, the salaries of these teachers are very small; even at that these research project topics and materials
The mobilization of resources for national development has long been the crucial focus of development economists.  This is because, for sustainable growth and development to take place, funds must be effectively mobilized and allocated to enable business and the economy harnesses their human, material and managerial resources for optimal output.  It is against this background that every research project topics and materials
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