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In virtually any job whether it is clerical technical, business, or professional whether it is banking, manufacture, medicine, or retailing compare are useful tools with which to calculate, measure asses store, retrieve, regulate, monitor information, dry field of human endeavor is characterized by one a combination of these process.  The impact of computer or organization and societies ha research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT  The Bank Verification Number (BVN) became imperative following the increasing incidence of compromise on conventional security systems such as password and Personal Identification Number (PIN) of customers. The BVN involves identifying an individual based on physiological or behavioral attributes, such as fingerprint, signatures and others. The customers unique BVN is accepted as research project topics and materials
Chapter one INTRODUCTION   Preliminaries   Estate surveying and valuation in Nigeria dates back to the beginning of creation. At creation the first estate was established by God in the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve were put in charged of it. Thus, Adam and Eve were the first estate surveyors and valuers known to man.  However, the evolution of estates surveying and research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT  Local Government is established with the aim of performing some local functions within its area. In doing this, the Local Government requires some funds to finance these local functions. These funds are gotten from Federal Government and State Government. However, the Local Government is faced with a lot of difficulties to source adequate revenue from both the Federal Government research project topics and materials
 ABSTRACT   The tremendous impact of electronic technology (like computer and computer embedded devices, computer networking, artificial intelligence, multimedia among others) on the human psychological capabilities productivity, intellectuality and other human related activities are very obvious. The quest and virtual implementation of computer in all the fields of human endeavor research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT           This project, electronic diagnosis system, is a software system tailored for use in the diagnosis and analysis of diseases.  The software is an expert system with a database containing an expert knowledge.  The user only uses it to determine whether he or she has any of the diseases within its domain.  The software h research project topics and materials
The difficulties of developing appropriate examination time table for institutions and tertiary is increasing. Institutions are enrolling more students into wider variety of courses in many different fields. For example, at Osun State Polytechnic, Iree, approximately 14,000 students have to be filled into about 150 exams over two and a half week’s period.  The examination timetable p research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT  Cloud Computing is a new type of service which provides large scale computing resource to each customer. Cloud Computing systems can be easily threatened by various cyber-attacks, because most of Cloud Computing systems provide services to so many people who are not proven to be trustworthy. Therefore, a Cloud Computing system needs to contain some Intrusion Detection Systems (ID research project topics and materials
Articles on this site are extracts from literature review of research projects, Get the full Project   2.0   INTRODUCTION  This research is based on an analysis of current research about the use of Information Communication Technology (ICT) in teaching economics in secondary schools. It summarizes the key findings and suggestions resources for further reading. Economic research project topics and materials
 CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1   BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY  Rapid economic development and social well-being constitute the transformation imperative of developing countries of the world and indeed, remain the normative goal of the international community (Ehi, 2009). This involves the attainment of sufficient levels of economic growth to allow for a progressive improveme research project topics and materials
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