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Abstract The tremendous impact of electronic technology (like computer and computer embedded devices, computer networking, artificial intelligence, multimedia among others) on the human psychological capabilities productivity, intellectuality, and other human-related activities are very obvious. The quest and virtual implementation of the computer in all the fields of human endeavor increase wi research project topics and materials
Due to the dramatic increase of fraud which results in loss of billions of dollars worldwide each year, several modern techniques in detecting fraud are continually developed and applied to many business fields. Fraud detection involves monitoring the behavior of populations of users in order to estimate, detect or avoid undesirable behavior. Undesirable behavior is abroad term including delinquen research project topics and materials
Abstract The demand to acquire knowledge or to learn has risen, thus, the present technology had gone a long way to provide means to learn, irrespective of the distance or the location of the E-learner and source of information. This is achieved through electronic sharing of information and virtual classroom. However, virtual classroom and text-based e-learning is a system design to help the st research project topics and materials
Abstract This project is to address the problems encountered by the staff of custom and their customers. In view of this problems, the manual process involved in the handling and management of goods in custom office were critically studied and the problems noted. This project went further to treat the different techniques used in implementing the newly designed software. This work is conducted research project topics and materials
Abstract This project is aimed at developing an online cinema booking/ticket reservation system for a Cinema Hall. The booking/ticket reservation System is an Internet based application that can be accessed online and can be accessed by anyone who has an internet connection. This application will automate the reservation of tickets. This online cinema booking/ticket reservation system provides research project topics and materials
Abstract Libraries have been an important part of educational and information sector of any school.  The success of any library largely depends on proper management. Several libraries have suffered failure as a result of inadequate management and incapacitations in handling sensitive information as regards members of the library.   This research, therefore, aimed at developi research project topics and materials
Abstract This project was centered on the interactive website for internet banking. The current process of over the counter banking and funds deposit, withdrawal and transfer are being operated manually and due to this procedure, numerous problem is been encountered. A design was taken to computerized the manual process in order to check this problem. The problems were identified after series o research project topics and materials
Abstract In the educational sector in today’s world in Nigeria to be precise, students have found education very difficult. This may be as a result of one problem or the other such as lack of preparation for the exam, the time limit of the exam etc. These problems and others faced by the educational sector stem not only from them but also from the citizenry of this our great nation Nigeri research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT A number of problems associated with student registration number which include improper course registration, late release of students’ results, and inaccuracy due to manual and tedious calculation and retrieval difficulties/inefficiency due to Lack of Student Registration number. In most cases, the data generated by academic institutions are usually created in non-delineated file research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT Diagnosis system deals with the registration of patient information, doctor information and report, a collection of diseases and infected syndrome, and diagnosis of these diseases.Computerized system poses high speed of processing precision, storage, its versatility and high retrieval system makes possible the completion of tasks that could never be achieved with the manual system becaus research project topics and materials
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