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ABSTRACT A visa is most commonly a sticker endorsed in the applicant's passport or other travel documents. The visa, when required, was historically granted by an immigration official on a visitor's arrival at the frontiers of a country, but increasingly today a traveler wishing to enter another country must apply in advance for a visa, sometimes in person at a consular offi research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT The purpose of this paper is to discuss the challenges as limitations to the current electoral system in Nigeria’s democracy, proffering possible way forward. The flawed electoral process of the last two Presidential elections equally calls for technology-enabled solutions to this social malaise which could lead to chaos and anarchy if nothing is done to forestall thes research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT Warehouse management system is a project which aims in developing a computerized system to maintain all the daily works of warehouse.This project has many features which are generally not available in normal warehouse management systems like facility of user login and a facility of admin login through which the admin can monitor the whole system.It also has facility of an online notice b research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT In Nigerian Universities, a lot of time is spent by faculty staff, and lecturers in various departments moving from one office to another in other to communicate with each other or sending files between each one another. This project focuses on solving the problem by developing an application for communication services in Nigerian universities using the University of Calabar as a case s research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT The world is fast becoming a global village due to the effect of globalization and rapid growth in technology. This has enabled information sharing among various people of the world, thereby solving basic societal problems and bringing about rapid development. This research work Web-Based Student Management Information System documents student’s information and manages student research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT An Android-based online clearance system is a research work that will help build an effective information management for schools.  It is aimed at developing a system for making clearance after graduation. The designed android application will serve as a more reliable and effective means of undertaking students clearance, remove all forms of delay and stress as well as enable you t research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT The paper aims at designing and implementing a web-enabled survey system that can use by research institutions in gathering information from respondents used in a research study. The need to gather data in a secure, cost-effective and effective way remains a major challenge for most research and tertiary institutions in Nigeria. This web-based survey system aims at aiding researchers i research project topics and materials
INTRODUCTION ABSTRACT: The paper aims at designing and implementing a simple and concise system that collects opinions of university students concerning a subject matter via simple voting. The quest to voice out one’s opinion or thoughts on an issue in an effective, anonymous and faster method remains a challenge for most tertiary institutions in Nigeria. This online opinion poll system a research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT The paper examines the design and implementation of an online assignment submission system. The challenges faced by students in meeting assignment deadlines and cost associated with printing hard copies of the paper, necessitated the researcher to develop a user-friendly system to tackle these challenges. The system allows students to submit assignments online to a particular course lect research project topics and materials
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