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ABSTRACT Why does a computer education graduate roam about in the street? One would begin to wonder as to the causes of these ugly trends or further still the influence it has on the economy of Anambra State. In the course of this research, it is important to know the meaning of the concept of ‘unemployment’ in order to do justice to the causes and effects of unemployment on compute research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT The study investigated the effect of computer- assisted instruction on academic achievement of Nigeria Certificate in Education Physics students of different abilities, in Niger State, Nigeria. Six research questions were raised and six null hypotheses were formulated to guide the study. The study adopted pretest and posttest quasi experimental control group design. Two hundred and ele research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT This Study investigated Effects of Exposure of Mathematics-English-Concepts on the performance among SSII Students in Zaria Metropolis in Kaduna State”. The background of the Study was discussed, Statement of the Problem, the Objectives of the Study was also discussed, three research Questions were raised, the questions are: what is the difference between the mean scores of stude research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT This study investigated effects of instructional materials on the academic achievement and retention of SS 2 biology students in Delta State. The study sample consisted of 86 SS2 biology students randomly selected from a population of 5,626 students drawn from 18 public schools. An instrument designed and developed from past WAEC questions by the researcher known as Biology Achievement research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT This study investigated the Impacts of Process Approach onQuestioning Preference, Academic Achievementand Retention Span among Chemistry students in Senior Secondary School (SS2). A sample of 78 students selected from two secondary schools inZaria Metropolis were used as the study sample from a population of 1,241 students from 10 schools. The two schools randomly selected, were found research project topics and materials
Abstract It is evident that a lot of inconsistencies exist among research reports on the effect of games on mathematics achievement of secondary school students in Nigeria. This study was to integrate the results of the previous studies on games and mathematics achievement carried out in different parts of Nigeria, in order to arrive at a generalized conclusion. This study was guided by three r research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT Science is a systematic enterprise which builds and organizes knowledge in a form of testable explanation and predictions about nature (Editorial Staff 2008).  Miriam Webster dictionary defined science as the knowledge about or study of the natural world based on facts learned through experiments and observation while According to defined scie research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT Biology is basic for understanding the complexities of life. This aspect of science for example, genetically making significant contribution such as genetically modified foods to many of the inventions that are shaping modern day, and has helped to explain many of the events being encountered in everyday life for example. Despite its importance, biology remains the least pass rate at W research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT Teaching practice experience is an important component of becoming a teacher. It grants student-teachers experience in the actual teaching and learning environment (Ngidi&Sibaya, 2013; Perry, 2014). During teaching practice, a student-teacher is given the opportunity to try the art of teaching  in his field of study be it in computer science or any other subject before ac research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT Science had been of great importance internationally for sustainable and socio-economic development as well as for technological advancement of nations. Knowledge of science and technology is therefore a requirement in all countries and needed by all people globally due to numerous challenges that are facing them. These challenges include emergences of new drug resistant diseases, effe research project topics and materials
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