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INTRODUCTION   Small scale business constitute an important component of the Nigerian industrial sector. The importance of this sector cannot be over emphasized, especially in a typical developing country like ours where the level of youth unemployment is rising beyond control. Hence small scale industries generate employment opportunities per unit of capital investment because they are research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT    Just like large organizations, small and medium scale businesses need auditors to survive. The role of auditors in helping small business owners keep accurate and concise financial records cannot be underestimated in corporate Nigeria today.   Concerning Methodology, data was collected by means of questionnaire. The collected data were analyzed with the aid o research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT   SMEs are noted as the foundation of the emerging private sector in developing countries and government’sassistance is paramount to sustainin contribution to the country’s economyenhance (Worl performance of SMEs, little or no attention is given to the sector to become business recovery conscious in moments when disaster strikes. Events such as violent floods, fire research project topics and materials
Background to the Study  Small and Medium Scale Enterprises are sub-sectors of the industrial sector which play crucial roles in industrial development (Ahmed, S. 2006). Following the adoption of Economic reform programme in Nigeria in 1981, there have been several decisions to switch from capital intensive and large scale industrial projects which was based on the philosophy of import dev research project topics and materials
BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY   The main strategy for the establishment by the entrepreneurs of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and its promotion by various sectors, is to enhance job creation, promote economic growth, reduce poverty.  The importance of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in any economy cannot by overemphasis.  They constitute the smallest unit of business. research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT   The focus of this research is on the impact of financial literacy on the profitability of some small scale enterprises in Calabar Municipality, Cross River State. An enquiry into their level of adoption of financial literacy was also studied. A review of related literatures was carried out to examine the extent of work done in the field. A carefully structured questionnaire w research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT   Small and Medium enterprises are the catalyst for economic growth in most economies thus, the fundamental objective of this study is to investigate the impact of loans on Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Nigeria. So that the ability of SMEs to develop positively and drive economic growth in the Nigeria will become real. Simple random sampling technique was employed in s research project topics and materials
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY  The two primary objectives of every business are profitability and solvency.  Profitability is the ability of a business to make profit, while solvency is the ability of a business to pay debts as they come due.  (Hermanson et al, 1992: 824).  However, the achievement of these objectives requires efficient managemen research project topics and materials
The Concept of Entrepreneurship  Throughout the theoretical history of entrepreneurship, scholars and researchers from multiple disciplines such as anthropology (steward, 1991), psychology (shaver and Scott, 1991), sociology (Reynolds, 1991), economic (Kirchhoff, 1991), management (Stevenson, 1985), and technology (Roberts, 1991), and (Litvak and Maule, 1999) cited in tonge (2002) have gra research project topics and materials
CHAPTER I 1.0 INTRODUCTION  For both developing and developed countries, small and medium scale firms play important roles in the process of industrialization and economic growth. Apart from increasing per capita income and output, Small Medium businesses create employment opportunities, enhance regional economic balance through industrial dispersal and generally promote effective resou research project topics and materials
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