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ABSTRACT The Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 chose certain rights to protect under chapter IV and termed them as Fundamental Rights. These rights are chosen to be protected not only by the Constitution, but also by the African Charter on Human and Peoples „Right. Whenever there are breaches of these fundamental rights, the law provides a procedure for their enforcemen research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT One of the goals of Nigeria Agricultural Development policy is to achieve for the nation enough food sufficient for the consumption and utterly reduce the rate of dependency on imported foods, with the view of ensuring adequate and affordable food for all. This research work is aimed at evaluating food sufficiency situation in Nigeria looking at the intervals between 1991-2016. This re research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT In the quest of come up with good and more conducive equipment for storing materials like shoes etc. we the researchers had to take on this important project. This will help in the proper storage of textiles materials, in the department and it’s also recommended for usage in our various homes. The important about this project is that its durable, that is to stay for a very long t research project topics and materials
 CHAPTER ONE      INTRODUCTION 1.1       Background to the Study Studio production is the creative activities which takes place within the workroom of an artist or producer. According to (Merriam-Webster) “A studio is “the building or room where an artist works”, while production is a process of combining variou research project topics and materials
PREFACE The production of this painting is to enable the society to know and understand the positive effects and the needs the Opoto festival in Enugu Agidi Village. The Opoto festival which is been held every third months of the year march plays a very vital role in Enugu- Agidi. However its sociological important lies in the effort of the masquerade for cattail anti-social behaviour and ev research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT      This research project COMPUTER ANIMATION AND IT ROLE IN ADVERTISING (FOCUS ON ONLINE BANNER ADVERTISING) looks deeply at the computer animation and most importantly the role these two places in advertising.        One can never know the value or importance of ones power of imagination unless its being to existence that movi research project topics and materials
PREFACE       This project on publicity design on “Bribery and corruption in Nigeria” was chosen to create awareness to how pubic on the scourge of Bribery and corruption and how to prevent and fight it.   My approach is purely based on visual aids for an easy illustration.     Some describe corruption as an act of stealing, cheatin research project topics and materials
PREFACE              The main purpose of executing this project – The Wind Vane is to combine the scientific and Artistic approach in the construction/installation of the vane.      The Artists should not get confused for executing a weather instruments which the mythologists and Geographic’s use in s research project topics and materials
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.0              BACKGROUND HISTORY Photo-publicity is combination of two words photograph and publicity. Before ever going into Photo-publicity one has to know the meaning and origin of photography and publicity. PHOTOGRAPHY             According to the living Webster encyclopedia dictionary, photograph research project topics and materials
Printing itself is as old as man, and it has been used to achieve great things in the advertising industry. Printing is one of the medium which information is passed to the audience and in that case it could stand out as a major means of advertising. Prints couldn’t result in so many forms with the use of too many different approaches, one could use monoprints, the screen – prints, the research project topics and materials
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