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ABSTRACT   SMEs are noted as the foundation of the emerging private sector in developing countries and government’sassistance is paramount to sustainin contribution to the country’s economyenhance (Worl performance of SMEs, little or no attention is given to the sector to become business recovery conscious in moments when disaster strikes. Events such as violent floods, fire research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT   The study looked at the Impact of Venture Capital Financing on SMEs in the Uyo Local Government area. Efforts by successive Government to improve on the performance and growth of SMEs had led to the enactment of different policies and act including the Venture Capital Fund to assist SMEs. SMEs still in Nigeria have been faced with liquidity and financing challenges leading to research project topics and materials
In other to understand the significance of financial reporting, one is required to be well versed in the theory and practice of accounting and corporate governance.  This review of literature is organized in stages or sections addressing the topic in one way or the other. The first stage is the concept of corporate  governance, a synopsis of financial reporting, that places emphasis on t research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT   Tax collection has remained an issue of great concern to past and present governments of Nigeria. The credit crunch that hit most developed countries in the year 2008 has reduced donor support to most developing countries. As a result, there is a great dependence on internally generated tax revenue for development.   It is therefore important that the Revenue Colle research project topics and materials
THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK FOR THE STUDY           Until recently there has been a general resistance to investment of training in the public service because of the believe that “Employees hired under a meut system must be presumed to be qualified, that they were already trained for their jobs and that if this was not so it was evidence that initial research project topics and materials
INTRODUCTION   The role of credit facilities in any modern economy can not be over emphasized. This could be best appreciated when it is realized that the rate of development of the economy would be showed down without credit, lack of credit is often the greatest single impediment to the growth and diversification of most industries (bolt small and large) in Nigeria first bank 1997. Fur research project topics and materials
2.1   DEFINITION OF CORRUPTION AND ECONOMIC CRIMES  According to section 2 of I.C.P.C Act (2000), corruption simply connotes impropriety and encompasses all forms of reprehensible, indecorous and infamous conduct in the performance of some official and non – officials responsibilities. This means any act, which go out of any normal societal behaviour.  According to research project topics and materials
2.1   INTRODUCTION         This chapter is devoted to the review of relevant literature and contributions of several authors and researchers to the area of budgeting.  In this chapter, the historical perspective and the basic principles of budgeting will be discussed.  Various definitions for a successful budget administration and bud research project topics and materials
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