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CHAPTER ONE  1.0       INTRODUCTION The study is concerned with the impact of manpower training and development in the oil industry in Nigeria in order that the reader or supervisor may be in a position to fully appreciate the significance  and impact of this study, an idea of the oil industry is needed including its constituted forms and possibly its economic i research project topics and materials
CHAPTER ONE INTROUDUCTION 1.1     Background to the Study Human resource function becomes recognized as a central business concern sequel to its ability to integrate employee welfare and organizational objective and effective communication into strategic management. Human resource management seeks to eliminate the meditation role and adopts a generally unitarist perspe research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT           Fuel is a form of energy, according to Longman English Dictionary; fuel is a form of energy used for production. In that case, its scarcity will affect the living standard of the people in various ways. 1).     It increases the cost of transportation 2).     Social unrest 3). &n research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT This research work is aimed at finding the effect of training development in banking operations. The purpose is to determine the relationships between the level of productivity and human resources, training and development; discover the causes of high labour turnover in banks, especially commerce banks. Also to determine the whether the availability of training and development op research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT This project is focused on the problem of Human Resources Management in the Ecobank Nigeria Plc, Asaba. The chapter one of this project work focused on the meaning and function of Human Resources Management also the problem which is human being or the personnel on how to deal with them. What leads to Human Resources Management Problem and their Impact to the Organization today. In orde research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT This study was conducted to determine the impact of industrial conflict management on employees’ performance amongst civil servants at the Ministry of Economic Planning in Asaba, Delta State. The sources of data that constituted this research work were primary and secondary data. A structured likert scale questionnaire was the instrument adopted to generate data. Simple percentag research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT In today’s business, retention of valuable employees is one of the most critical issues facing employers, This study therefore focuses on Measuring and Managing of employee retention. The objectives of the study are to identify the role of management regarding employee retention, to determine whether there is a relationship between rewards and job satisfaction and to determine research project topics and materials
CHAPTER ONE 1.0       INTRODUCTION Life in modern societies is generally not without stress. Stressful experience has become part and parcel of living in contemporary society. In most human behaviour, human being will advertently go through some elements of stress. For example, when we subject ourselves to time, pressure or urgently engage in complex and difficult p research project topics and materials
INTRODUCTION Central to the growth of any organization be it private or public, manufacturing or non-manufacturing firms, it is the effective acquisition, utilization and maintenance of the organization’s human resources. Human resources management therefore is a very critical path to the survival of any organization. Human resources management (HRM) is the strategic management of t research project topics and materials
Abstract When schools are established, qualified teachers must be in place to prepare students for the acquisition of knowledge and relevant skills for world of work. Teachers therefore must be recruited. This paper looked at recruitment of teachers and their retention. It was observed that there are government agencies charged with the issue of recruitment but not retention. Proposals for retain research project topics and materials
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