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ABSTRACT This study evaluates the expected impact local content on the growth and development of reinsurance in Nigeria. The historical, problems and challenges facing the growth and development of reinsurance business in Nigeria. The prospect efficient and effective management of reinsurance industry. Hence, the concept of local content in oil and gas reinsurance business stating the details, research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT This study attempt to provide a general information and knowledge about the impact of insurance companies in the business world. A case study of business organization in Benin City. The scope of the research is based on principally on their (insurers) impact o businessmen, individual and business world. There are set down objectives for this study, and to achieve those, set down object research project topics and materials
BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY             the need for intermediaries in the insurance market in Nigeria is an issue which is importance cannot be overemphasized.             Research has shown that the problems encountered by the intermediaries have an impact on the growth of insurance le research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT Insurance by nature is not a modern-day concept.  It has a development history of so many – centuries.  The art of insurance has grown as a result of individual, corporate bodies and government need for the fortunes of lives and business.  Therefore, the types and classes of account were those which were expected to show to the venturers, i.e. the owner of business research project topics and materials
 PROPOSAL         What I intend to achieve as the researcher of this project topic the prudential guidelines on insurance companies will hold for the industry in the nearest future.         This is to center on the impact the issued of guidelines by the various regulatory bodies like the insurance Decree of 1996 and 1 research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT Insurance companies are legal entities that cover the insured against the certain unexpected occurrence of an event in exchange for payment of a predetermined amount of money called premium. In underwriting insured risks insurance companies do accepts risks that have different risk profile but the acceptance of those risks are under different conditions which they face a lot of challen research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT In Nigeria the issue of taking life assurance policy has been neglected in the sense that at this present time, it is estimated that not up to two percent (2%) of Nigerians own life assurance policies due to poor education and inappropriate marketing strategies for this fact, the benefits and role life assurance plays in this country is being viewed from a very crooked point thereby ma research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT This project aims to appraise the Marketing Concepts a Sure Way of Enhancing Growth in the Sale of Insurance Services. In spite of the growing number of insurance companies in Nigeria, its growth is still being hindered because the insurance sector still witnesses a low-level confidence in the insuring public, the general patronage is still at lowest. Internal problems among the execut research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT This study survey critical review of the impact of good accounting system in the growth and development of insurance industry. Some problems facing accounting system includes, Good accounting system has not been adequately carried out in insurance, inadequate accounting management. In insurance industry causes fraud, financial statement misinterpretation also causes a problem.  &n research project topics and materials
Background of the study This study evaluates one of the cardinal objectives of good governance which is to have effective healthcare delivery system put in place for the entire citizens. A healthy nation is a wealthy nation because of the absence of debilitating diseases and epidemics in such a country, which, along with hunger and squalor, impoverishes the citizenry (Nwatu, 2000:12). The na research project topics and materials
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