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ABSTRACT   The Isolation and Identification of Rhizopus from a Decaying Bread were conducted.  The black mould used in the practice was collected from bread.  It is allowed to stay in a moist environment or at room temperature for 2 to 3 days.  The mould is then inoculated in the nutrient agar (N.A.) incubated and was isolated and view under the microscope for cultural ch research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT   This research work is a detailed study on preparation of cleansing cream. The aim is to prepare cleansing cream of better quality than the available ones in the market. The study explores the work done by some eminent scholars in connection with cream and preparation of cleansing cream. Cream can be defined as an article intended to be rubbed, sprinkled, sprayed on, or otherw research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT   The incidence of the infestation of Plasmodium species (P.Falciparum, P. vivax,  P.Ovale, and P. alaria) which causes human malaria in Enugu metropolis was conducted at Parklane Hospital using their patients.  Thick and thin, the smear of blood was made and examined after proper staining.  The staining method which proved effective were the Giemsa and Liesman s research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT   This project work is carried at the isolation and characterization of pathogenic bacteria from hawked suya meat,  were brought in full from the sellers and was collected in raps of aluminium foil. It was then taken to the laboratory for analysis the samples were homogenized and serial dilution of the sample was made out using 5 ml sterile pipette and test tubes. The dilu research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT   This project work which is all about the fungal infestation of bakery product BREAD, explain the kind or type of fungal organisms that are responsible for the spoilage on contamination of bread. The infestation of fungal organism on bread depends on the kind and number of the agent present and upon the environment about them. this statement makes it clear that microorganism i research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT   The soap that is used for the analysis is Lux.  The analytical tests carried out on the soap are moisture content and free caustic alkali.  For the determination of the moisture content, the materials and reagent that was used are: i. The Porcelain dish ii. Glass rod and iii . Hot air oven   The reagents are: i. The petroleum spirit and ii research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT   This work is an attempt to determine the quality and standard of the chosen test detergent product in our market. Two samples of detergent power were used and blue OMO detergent powder. Tempo detergent is produced by PZ = Plc while OMO is produced by Unilever Plc. The first stage of the analysis entailed a qualitative examination to ascertain first whether the detergent is so research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT   This project focused on the production of emulsion paint, the raw materials, and the possible problems that may be encountered in the course of production. Also, substandard emulsion paint is one of the problems facing users of emulsion paint, however, this project work produced an emulsion paint with unique characteristics which is of desired qualities and will also meet the research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT   This work shows how to identify the various microorganisms in palm wine and how to isolate the pathogenic organisms in palm wine viz ‘NKWUENU’, ‘ITI’, and ‘IKOT’. The attributes were the identification of bacteria and yeast. All showed the spoilage rate between the erect-stem and fallen stem palm wine as shown in table 4.4 and 4.5. Also, research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT   Steam distillation and solvent extraction were mainly used in the extraction of essential oil. With steam distillation, it was found out that the oil was 4.51% obtained. Solvent extraction gave its own as 6.30% steam distillation gave a higher purity of oil than solvent extraction while the later gave a higher quantity of oil with impurities.  There were analysis and research project topics and materials
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