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ABSTRACT This is the construction of an RLC and RC circuit network use in a generation is a different signal in RLC mod. After the complete construction of the system, the deviation between the expected result and the actual result was very close. The performance and efficiency were beyond expectation and from every ramification, the construction of RLC circuit was successful. Going through the research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT     A study was carried to ascertain the potency of some techniques used in the diagnosis of Human Immunodeficiency virus (HIV).  Two hundred and five samples (203) were collected from the patients from the University of Nigerian teaching hospital and was analysed using Elisa kit, which has the ability to detect antibodies and antigens in the patients serum, the W research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT Evidence suggests that diet high in vegetable may decrease the risk of chronic disease. Phytochemicals like saponin, flavonoid, and tannins from fruits and vegetable may play key roles in amelioration of diseases. Fluted pumpkin leaf (Telfairia occidentalis) is also a well-known vegetable used in the Western part of Nigeria. It is generally called Ugu in Igbo Land. This study was carri research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT The prevalence of viral hepatitis B among patients in National Orthopedic Hospital Enugu was studied. The samples comprised that of men, woman and children 200 in numbers, all patient of orthopedic Hospital Enugu. Laboratory investigation done was this HBs tested which 110 patient out of the 200 patients tested positive,  and liver function tests found abnormal in almost all the research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT The effect of pesticides, chchlorodipheny trichloroethane (DDY) and Benzene hexachloride (BHC) on the microflora of the three types of soil (loamy, clay and sandy soil) was conducted. The serial dietitian technique was employed up to 10-3 using nutrient agar, potato dextrose agar, and labor and agar plates. The isolation of both bacterial and fungal organisms was made before treating research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT     In the work, samples of Garri obtained from the Ogbete market were evaluated for microbial contamination. Four sample of Garri from different sources of supply were collected from Ogbete main market Enugu Okwo, Nkalagu, Emene, and  Abakaliki respectively.  The sample was extracted using an equal volume of sterile distilled water and serially diluted appro research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT Obesity is a leading preventable cause of death worldwide, with increasing prevalence in adults and children, and authorities view it as one of the most serious public health problems of the 21st century. Obesity negatively impacts the health of women in many ways, such as higher risk of low back pain and knee Osteoarthritis. Also, obesity negatively affects both contraception and fert research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT Microorganisms associated with spoilage of fruits were studied using standards microbiological methods. The analysis was done on banana, pawpaw, and orange using various media (Nutrient, Mac Conkey, and Sabroud agar). It showed that E. Coli (28.6%) were the most predominant bacterial isolates associated with the spoilage of selected fruits, in Easter part of Nigeria.   This w research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT Comparative analysis of the mineral concentration of surface water and underground water was carried out using  WHO standard method for water testing. The water samples were collected from well and stream and were analyzed in the laboratory for mineral concentrations. The concentration of some minerals like Nitrates (NO3), Sulphate (SO3) Chloride  Calcium (Ca) and Magnesium ( research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT The comparative study of microorganisms associated with the spoilage of banana. “Banana is a general term embracing a number of species or hybrid in the genus Musa, family bacteria organisms, small pieces of decayed tissue from the leading edge of the lesion was transferred, by means of sterile techniques, to the SDA contained in covered dishes and incubated at room temperature ( research project topics and materials
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