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ABSTRACT         Onion is associated with micro-organisms which are capable of causing spoilage. Onions with rots were examined microscopically. A solution of it was made and the serial dilution of 1:10-1­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ to 1:1-5  were made from 10ml of the onions sample. From the dilution, 1ml of research project topics and materials
0                                 INTRODUCTION The analysis of soaps has become necessary by the desire to rationalize test procedures and thereby adequately provide, for the requirement contained in soap to make it work effectively. research project topics and materials
1     BACKGROUND Soap is the earliest detergent know to man and apparently was first made by the Romans from animal fats and oil and wood ash which is an alkali that contains potassium carbonate, sodium, potassium hydroxide called potash leached from the wood ash (Robert, 1994).  It is also an unsaturated ester since an ester can be split into an alcohol and a carbox research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT The effect of pesticides, chchlorodipheny trichloroethane (DDY) and Benzene hexachloride (BHc) on the microflora of the three types of soil (loamy, clay and sandy soil) was conducted. The serial dietitian technique was employed up to 10-3 using nutrient agar, potato dextrose agar and labour and agar plates. The isolation of both bacterial and fungal organisms was made before treating t research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT Today in every market exists different types of soap and detergents.  Some of them are not efficacious as advertised because the ingredients of such soaps are not always in the right proportion and as such the efficacy of active ingredients is not rendered.  It is now generally accepted that soap produced using linear alkyl benzene sulphonate has a high biodegradability effec research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT Collection, processing and classification of the plant, leaves specimens covering eight (8) families of plants with eight different species was done. This technique was done to establish a herbarium for the biology laboratory of science laboratory technology, IMT Enugu at its campus III of the eight families covered, six were monocotyledon and these were families, Euphorbiaceae, Myrtac research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT           In the work, samples of Garri obtained from the Ogbete market were evaluated for microbial contamination. Four sample of Garri from different sources of supply were collected from Ogbete main market Enugu Okwo, Nkalagu, Emene, and  Abakaliki respectively.  The sample was extracted using an equal volume of sterile dis research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT           A study was carried to ascertain the potency of some techniques used in the diagnosis of Human Immunodeficiency virus (HIV).  Two hundred and five samples (205) were collected from the patients from the university of Nigerian teaching hospital and was analysed using Elisa kit, which has the ability to detect antibodies an research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT The antibacterial activity of sweet orange(citrus sensing) on Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli isolated from would infection was studied. A total number of 100 wound sample were collected from a different individual from different age range within 5-8years and examined, The test organisms S auras and E coli were cultured separately on Nutrient and McConkey agar plate and incu research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT The question on whether aspirin has an important role to play or not has generated a lot of controversies over years especially among the individuals that fake the drug, and the pharmaceutical industries that produce it.  This question that seemed to be halfway answered gave rise to carrying out of this study. This work is in such a way as to help the readers understand the role research project topics and materials
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