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BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE: Bacterial vaginosis is the most common form of vaginal infection in women of reproductive age.  It is a condition with diverse etiology and an important cause of morbidity in women of reproductive age. This study was carried out to determine the accuracy of using the Nugent scoring system as a means of diagnosing Bacterial vaginosis.  MATERIALS AND research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT In this study, the phytochemical constitutes of Ereromastax speciosa leaves were investigated. These left as commonly used amongst traditional birth attendants in the rural regions of Calabar cross river state and Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. In this study, experienced Traditional birth attendants from the local regions in the cross river and Akwa Ibom were orally interviewed about the use research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT The investigation carried out by Emmanuel Hospital Eket in Eket Local Government Area Akwa Ibom State. Random sampling technique of 20 patient with equal ration to male and female.  These research to was conducted to determine or estimate the glucose or sugar level of the youth, and aging adult, secular Question like what is the hormonal regulation and hearth risk of an indivi research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT The Anatomy of this project write-up encompasses the ordinary look of enzymes as organic molecules, rather it sheds more light on the comprehensive view and determination of the catalytic and specific activity enzymes particularly- DIASTASE, MALTASE and ZYMASE can exploit in industrial application, also critically important is the selective ways of providing fundamental data which allo research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT This project work is carried at the isolation and characterization of pathogenic bacteria from hawked suya meat, which was bought in full from the sellers and was collected in raps of aluminum foil. It was then taken to the laboratory for analysis the samples were homogenized and serial dilution of the sample was made out using 5 ml sterile pipette and test tubes. The dilution was then research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT The microbial changes which took place during the steeping and storage of pan (ogi) were studied.  The steeped water had an initial PH of 6.8 which later reduced to 4.9 at the end of steeping.  The bacterial number for the steeped water ranged from 4.7x104  to 3.2 x 107 CFU/ml while the fungal number ranged from 1.5 x103 to 5.7 x 106 CFU/ml.  In the stored pap, pap research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT           The isolation and identification of bacteria associated with  150ml sepsis studies were carried out to 250 patient at National Orthopedic Hospital Enugu. (250) Two hundred and fifty patients with 150ml sepstis was grouped in to in patients and out patients.  The  sample collected are wound pus and wound exudates research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT           The study on anaemia in pregnancy is aimed at determining packed cell volume (PCV), Haemoglobin (Hb) level and Erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) of pregnant women, as well as the severity, significance of maternal, age, educational level, occupation and gestational age to the occurrence of anaemia in pregnancy managed, diag research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT This research work was on maize (Zea may) abject in sorghum vulgar) beer brewing the sorghum was malted and milled. Malting was achieved by sleeping the grains in water at 280c for 48 germinations of the grain was allowed for 72 hrs and killed in an air oven at 550c for 48 hrs. maize, as an adjunct was incorporate into the malted milted sorghum during mashing, was done by the use of wo research project topics and materials
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