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the term marketing focus mainly on the buys and the consumer of some comodities, educating the regard to the availability of products and to important products features developing strategies to cobnvince them to buy and finally enhancing their satisfaction with purchase, marketing management includes researching, planning, organizing, directing and controlling promotion and servicing.  In research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT  Promotional mix variables differ in effectiveness in generating consumer interest and influencing purchase decision.  In this study, an attempt is made to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising, one of the promotional mix element used by NASCO group of companies, Jos.  Current, NASCO household products are market leaders in most part of the country .  this study research project topics and materials
Marketers have to understand the unique characteristics and the cost of each promotion tool in deciding the promotion mix. Let us examine each of the major tools.  A    Advertising: the company forms of advertising make it hard to generates above its unique qualities. However, several qualities can be noted. Advertising can reach masses of geographically dispersed buyers research project topics and materials
TABLE OF CONTENTS  Title Page      -           -           -           -           -           -   &nb research project topics and materials
Personal selling is an important component of the overall marketing strategy of an organization. According to Adamu (200) personal selling is the presentation of a persuasive message by selling to a potential customer or group of customers, personal selling can also take place through personal correspondence telephone conversation or email.  Personal selling is an effective communication w research project topics and materials
The Concept of Customer Retention  Customer Retention is a marketing tool used in creating customer’s loyalty in order to retain them (Morns, 2007). However, Dennis (2008) opined that customer retention involves creating customer value through the improvement of products and services in order to satisfy customers so that an organization can retain their existing customers.  T research project topics and materials
 1.1 INTRODUCTION  New technological inventions can have a great impact in organizations through its contributions to change the social environment while expediting sharing of knowledge and the development of new ideas. (Kling et al, 2005). Social Media will come in handy as a good example of new technological innovation that is making a great impact in the organizations of today. research project topics and materials
A sales organization could be defined as any one organization which consists of a group of people brought together to participate in a common effort direct toward accomplishing certain goals still and (unify).  In overall marketing activities, sales management is a prominent and distinct function. If managed well, it goes for focuses on the profitability of the company. Some number of auth research project topics and materials
Concept of Marketing Strategies  A marketing strategy is a method by which a firm attempts to reach its target marketing. Marketing strategy starts with markets research, in which needs, attitudes and competitors’ product are assessed and constant adjustment is made in order to achieve competitive edge or advantage over rival companies. This are mostly done through advertising, promo research project topics and materials
CHAPTER I    INTRODUCTION   Advertiser’s primary mission is to reach prospective customers and influence their awareness, attitudes and buying behaviour. They spend a lot of money to keep individuals (markets) interested in their products. To succeed, they need to understand what makes potential customers behave the way they do. The advertisers goals is to get enou research project topics and materials
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