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  BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY Of all business activities or functions, none is as interested in the consumer and his purchasing behaviour as marketing.  Marketing is invariably connected with the research into consumers purchasing behaviour, namely, what the consumer wants, need, prefer and value, who are the prospective consumers and where they live, their income and mode of spending, ho research project topics and materials
INTRODUCTION The objective of the chapter is to emphasis on the need for improved customer service   in the banking industry with special referenced to Union Bank of Nigeria PLC  1.1            BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Financial assets we all know the necessary prerequisites for any meaningful economic development of any research project topics and materials
This study focused on the impact of effective public relations practice in the marketing of banking service in Enugu metropolis. A case study of zenith bank plc operating in Enugu state. It aims at identifying the areas of potential problems in order o enable corrective measure to be taken. Although zenith bank plc maintains a corporate affairs department that performs public relation functions, y research project topics and materials
This research work is to examine the effect of product innovation as a strategy for the survival of manufacturing firms in Nigeria, a case study of Ama Breweries (Nig) Plc Enugu. To carry out the research work Ama Breweries were used as a sample which was drawn from the zone. In the case of research useful on finding, good application was made which among other include good combination materials a research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT The fundamental facts of the topic “The Evaluation of Information Technology Impact in Development of Effective Marketing Strategies in the Banking Industry in Enugu Metropolis, “which looks into or investigate the trend ratio or quantum of this integral system (ITS) yield in the banking industry since the Y2k compliance and the revolutionary epoch of its, and accelerated f research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT This study on “Advertising as an effective promotional tool in the delivering of banking services has tries to seek answer to the crucial question that plagues the memory of researchers question on how co-operate advertising acts as an effective promotional tool in the marketing of banking service , its value and importance’s. Chapter one deals with the general introduction research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT This research focused on Trends in the use of Human Model in the Nigeria Advertising Industry.   This study consists five chapters, the first chapter cover, and the introduction of study.  The research problem, objectives of the study, formulation of  hypotheses, the significance, the limitations and the scope of the study was also tested in this chapter.  & research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT             Communication is perhaps the most important human survival skill because we all need it to maintain contact with the world.  This research study focused on the nature, process, channels, and barriers in communications and their effect on the effective marketing of Hi Malt.  The researcher made on the indepth stu research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT The topic of this research work the Influence of Product Packaging on Consumer Buying Preference in Aba Metropolis, Abia State. This study was carried out to investigate the influence of product packaging, on the purpose of this the question experimental research design was adopted to study consumers towards various product packaging. The primary data was collected from the respondents research project topics and materials
IN order to meet the marketing goals by delivering products and their ownership Distribution in the manufacturing sector can be described as the controlling, moving of physical goods within industrial firms and through channel systems. Distribution envelops the planning and implementation of a physical movement of materials and final goods from the production point to the point where it will be us research project topics and materials
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