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Category>OND Project   CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION   Small scale business constitute an important component of the Nigerian industrial sector. The importance of this sector cannot be over emphasized, especially in a typical developing country like ours where the level of youth unemployment is rising beyond control. Hence small scale industries generate employment opportuni research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT    Just like large organizations, small and medium scale businesses need auditors to survive. The role of auditors in helping small business owners keep accurate and concise financial records cannot be underestimated in corporate Nigeria today.   Concerning Methodology, data was collected by means of questionnaire. The collected data were analyzed with the aid o research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT   Governments, donors and NGOs have over the years initiated and implemented programmes aimed at empowering women economically and socially. Despite these efforts some challenges still remain. Microfinance as tool for women empowerment has become the main subject of many global and regional conferences, seminars and workshops. This study therefore examined the contribution of m research project topics and materials
According to Peter Druker (1986) he said that the aim of aim of marketing information system (MIS) is to know and understand the customer so well that the product or services rendered will be key to marketing decisions.  He further said that, many business firms lack information sophistication.  Many do not have a marketing research department where current and adequate marketing informa research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT   SMEs are noted as the foundation of the emerging private sector in developing countries and government’sassistance is paramount to sustainin contribution to the country’s economyenhance (Worl performance of SMEs, little or no attention is given to the sector to become business recovery conscious in moments when disaster strikes. Events such as violent floods, fire research project topics and materials
In any organization whether profit or non profit oriented the main purpose of the organization is to achieve its objective. The objectives cannot be achieved in a vacuum there must be a clearly set strategy that management should use in order to meet these objectives.   Many businesses fail to realize that they cannot stay in business without any marketing strategies. This is because th research project topics and materials
The World is fast becoming a global village and a necessary tool for this process is communication of which communication is a key player.  The development in the telecommunication industry all over the world is very rapid as one innovation replaces another in a matter of weeks.  A major breakthrough is the wireless telephone system which comes in either fixed wireless telephone lines research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT  The Nigeria banking sector has undergone tremendous competition since the introduction of the Structural Adjustment Programme (SAP) on 1st of July, 1986, which has led to stiff competition in the industry.  Marketing strategies is a written plan, usually comprehensive describing all activities involved in a particular marketing objective and their relationship to one anot research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT   The focus of this research is on the impact of financial literacy on the profitability of some small scale enterprises in Calabar Municipality, Cross River State. An enquiry into their level of adoption of financial literacy was also studied. A review of related literatures was carried out to examine the extent of work done in the field. A carefully structured questionnaire w research project topics and materials
CHAPTER ONE 1.1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY         The growing need to maintain a competitive edge and customer loyalty in the industry segment predetermine the significance to maintain unique and outstanding brand of services and product that commands consumer satisfaction and loyalty. The research seeks to investigate how Diamond Bank branding impacts on cus research project topics and materials
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