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BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY In every society, consumers are the most important thing to consider while operating as any business. The satisfaction of these consumers now becomes the firm’s ultimate goal. In order to achieve this market it takes a lot of marketing strategies. One of such strategies is market segmentation, which is a customer-oriented philosophy since no firm can produce and sat research project topics and materials
INTRODUCTION It is generally agreed that the health of a company organization depends, on its capacity to interpret the behavior, attitudes, and needs of the individual consumers or industrial users who make up its market. To this end, according to Donald (1990:5) marketing research comes play, according to him will assist firms in recognizing and reaching to marketing opportunities and problems. research project topics and materials
BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY For several years, a revolution in marketing communication has been developing, that is, traditionally altering the traditional views of advertising and communication media. This revolution is the internet, the massive global network of the interconnected packet- switched computer network, which as a new marketing medium has the potential to radically change the way research project topics and materials
1     BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY As the economy advances, there is a narrowing of the gap between producers and consumers due to the emergence of the advancement in technology and distribution fulfills the critical function of integrating the economy into society to serve human needs. The major reason for business is to sell its products and services, that can satisfy their c research project topics and materials
INTRODUCTION Small-scale businesses in Nigeria play a very vital role in the development of its economy. Over the years various policies both from the government and some of the private sector actors have been developed to create enabling environments for these small-scale businesses to thrive. However, the challenges linger. Some of these challenges have been highlighted by many authors to be, p research project topics and materials
1      Background to the Study Consumers are not just willing to buy products but are ready to experience them and some will go so far that they will help companies build them. Therefore, the experience is a central element of the life of today’s consumer (Schmitt, 2003). Experience occurs as a result of encountering through things and thus, the experience is the st research project topics and materials
BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY Brands and branding are by no means a new phenomenon, neither for academics nor the business world. It is possible to trace back the use of brands to the Stone Age, when hunters used weapons of specific “brands” to succeed in the hunt Almquist and Roberts: (1995). It was during the 16th century, however, that brands similar to those we see today have started to research project topics and materials
BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY  Nearly everyone in the modern world is influenced to some degree by advertising and other forms of promotion. Advertising as one of the key promo tools plays a very important and crucial role in ensuring new product acceptance in the prospective target market. Advertising has been defined as any paid form of non-personal presentation of ideas, goods or services by an research project topics and materials
1    BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY  The Nigerian banking sector has changed tremendously since the introduction of the structural adjustment programme (SAP) on July 1996. Prior to this time, opening new bank were stringent. Banks were not only a few and fair between competitor. The central bank of Nigeria (CBN) fixed minimum and maximum lending and interest rates. Since the ne research project topics and materials
BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY It is assumed that when one is having the high organizational commitment, he is very loyal and when he has job involvement he becomes dedicated to his job. The work of Hortzberg (1966) has set the tone of researching in the determination of what makes a sales team satisfied in the workplace and the implications of satisfaction and dissatisfaction for expected performances. research project topics and materials
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