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ABSTRACT   The menaces of robbery have become a game of the fittest in our society today, that when robbers carryout and operation they boast of it and give names to themselves. This attracts the attention of the people and all government to find a lasting solution to this dilemma. This gives rise to the method of public execution of robbers in the state of Nigeria the robbers are research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT   The project considered the effectiveness of the public relation in a tertiary institution with a focus in the Institute of management and technology, Enugu. The study is divided into five chapters which consist of the introduction while chapter two contains literature review and was carried out in relation to the definition of a public relation. Chapter three provided t research project topics and materials
The various literature studies intended for the mass media role in the national development and this clear in the area of political leadership. In this study, the researcher decided to draw home the Tourism that without a national political consciousness and viable political participation resulting in good leadership, there could be no genuine national development. The mass media is the four research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT   This study is aimed to ascertain the impact of Mass Media Campaign aimed at curbing the spread of the disease Aids among teenagers in Benin City. The objective of the study is also to find out through sample survey whether the teenagers are really getting sufficient information about AIDS blue so as to enable them to inform their opinion about the diseases. The study to research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT   Rural development of my kind in any place can only be meaningfully achieved through a well – planned and executed complex interaction of many economic and noneconomic variables. In the course of this study, the press here is faced with the obligation of bettering the lives of the rural communities through the packaging of information on how to do something which they research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT In this study, the researcher examined the impact of information technology (IT) on media development in Nigeria. Towards this end, the researcher randomly selected 78 staff of radio Nigeria and the Guardian newspaper to form the study sample. The 78 members of the study sample were given 78 copies of structured questionnaires to complete. Their responses were analyzed using percentage research project topics and materials
PROPOSAL A public relation is the acts of employing effective communication to build sustain and defend organization’s reputation among both its internal and external publics.  Remarkably which any organizations public image receives a high rating based on the foregoing attributes it translates into increased public confidence patronage  goodwill higher profit growth peaceful an research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT     This research work has investigated the media as an instrument in eradicating corruption using Obasanjo’s Anti-corruption  Crusade (A case study  of the federal Radio operation of Nigeria)      The objective of this work among other things was to find out the problems that follow corruption and also to find out solutions to the pr research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT     This study was designed to critically examine “the role of the press in Nigeria’s polarization and National Development”     The method of content analysis was adopted and also, three Nigerian daily newspaper was selected. This include, the New Nigeria Newspaper a federal Government-owned newspaper published in Kaduna state,  T research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT The topic of this research work the Influence of Product Packaging on Consumer Buying Preference in Aba Metropolis, Abia State. This study was carried out to investigate the influence of product packaging, on the purpose of this the question experimental research design was adopted to study consumers towards various product packaging. The primary data was collected from the respondents research project topics and materials
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