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Historically, television broadcasting in Nigeria has been use as a medium of communication that seeks to enrich the life of average Nigerian by influencing positively its social, cultural, economic, political and technological thinking. It also provide news and information about national issues. Beside this, it serves as a source of entertainment. Television broadcasting promotes cultural awarenes research project topics and materials
The need to introduce the effect programmes in sensitizing the electorate as necessitude the writing of this project work. It has been observed that the most broadcasting stations are engaging in some extra curriculum activities such as introducing of interactive programmes that calls for an immediate response when election is take place. That is the sensitization of the electorate through phone i research project topics and materials
Abstract   Commercialization of news began in Nigerian media houses as a result of the Structural Adjustment Programme (SAP) introduced in 1986 and the eventual withdrawal of subsidies from government owned media houses see Ekwo (1996) and Ogbuoshi (2005). With the increasing rise in production cost and dwindling circulation, the media houses resort to all kinds of tricks including comm research project topics and materials
Abstract   The of social media has increased among consumers around the world, causing an increase in the adoption of social media as tactics and means of sharing information among many public relations professionals. Because this new form of communication is growing at such a rapid pace, it is important to analyze the effect of social media on the practice of public relations because c research project topics and materials
The Nigeria Economy has been regarded as one of the fastest growing in Africa, and potentially the biggest in the continent, if thoroughly explored. The contribution of other sectors of the industry cannot be overemphasized, as the inclusion of the Private Media Houses cannot be underestimated.   In the late 50s to 70ss, media outfits are controlled and owned by the government in power, research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT       The aims and objective of this research project is to analyse the extent of rapid development towards journalism education in Nigeria universities and polytechnics and to educate students on Journalism training in polytechnics. This study contains Significance, Scope and Limitation of the research work. Chapter one consist of the introduction to the study research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT       This study examine the role and contributions of the modern information and communication technologies on radio broadcasting. Where splash FM 105.5 was used as a case study. The survey research method was employed and thus questionnaire were administered to media practitioners who are engaged in the communication process. Finding from the field revealed th research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT   This project basically focuses on the Effect of Commercial News on The Ethics of Journalism and choosing Osun State Broadcasting Corporation (OSBC) Osogbo , as a case study with much emphasis on the negative effect of the news commercialization on the practice and ethics of journalism. Today the ethics of journalism which has to do with accuracy, balance, honesty and fairness research project topics and materials
This chapter introduces the subject matter of this project work, it deal with the purpose   and the scope of study literature available on the topic and aspect of the work are also received. Background to the study, Statement of the problem, Research Question, Objectives of the study, Significance of the study, Scope of the study and definition of some discussed in this project work. research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT   The media are an indispensable agent of development in any nation given their invaluable contribution to governance as a watchdog and partner in progress with other arms of government. In a developing country like Nigeria, the mass media have been instrumental to the delivery and consolidation of the current democratic experience. Within this context, this paper examines the research project topics and materials
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