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CHAPTER ONE 1.0     INTRODUCTION Infant mortality is mostly caused by diseases and these diseases are due to the prevalence of parasite hosts in certain areas.  It is believed that year, thousands of children are born in this country and thousands of these children die from diseases such as diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus, poliomyelitis, measles and chi research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT This project is in compliance with one of the task, I have to shoulder in order to be awarded the Higher National Diploma Certificate in statistics department from Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu, during my final year in the Polytechnic 2004/2005 session  emphasizing on Statistical Analysis of Road Accident in Enugu from 1993 to 2000. Road accident has been o research project topics and materials
  (A CASE STUDY OF ADAOBI PLASTIC NIG LTD ABA) ABSTRACT For any organization to achieve its objectives of profit maximization, it is required that its products must be of high quality, so as to satisfy its customers and be able to compete with any other product in the market. To obtain quality products therefore, some control measures such as quality control method are needed in product research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT We had tried to study the rates of infant mortality in Abia State.  The aims of this study were to compare the mortality and birth rate of infants male and female in order to determine whether there is a significant yearly difference in their mortality and birth rate.  Also, to determine whether infant mortality in Abia State in independent of sex. And furthermore t research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT This project work is designed to give an insight into the application of statistical quality control in the building products industries in order to help manufacturers understand the importance of applying statistical techniques in controlling quality products.  In addition to make consumers have faith in standard quality of products they buy. research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT The Operation of Commercial Banks in Nigeria started lately in 19th century and since then their contribution to the economic growth cannot be over emphasized. There is strong acceptance of the proposition that financial institutions and particularly the commercial banks contribute significantly to economic growth. For any country to pursue economic growth, therefore financial res research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT           The cam of this study was to examine the incidence of HIV/AIDS in Nigeria.   This study started with attempt to state the problem that motivated the study.           The study was done to access critically the impact of HIV/AIDS in Nigeria and the effort towar research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT The aim of this project is to analyze the appraisal of road traffic accident rate on Enugu – Onitsha Express Road.           The data on the number of recorded road traffic accident rate on Enugu – Onitsha Express road from 1995 – 2002 was collected and organized on quarters.       & research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT The entire project work/study talks about the full meaning of the STDS.  The causes of the sexually transmitted diseases were found out to be virus and bacteria which can be transmitted from one person to another predominantly through sexual contact.  The scope of the study was also special and federal medical center Umuahia (FMC) was used as a case study. &nbs research project topics and materials
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1     STATEMENT OF PROBLEM That we are living in a changing world is a popular statement which needs little explanation especially when the knowledge of today can be the fully of tomorrow or when a human being of today can oil to exist on the day that follows when such natural phenomena occur, one does not bother as to ask why these happ research project topics and materials
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