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CHAPTER ONE 1.1  INTRODUCTION The portable sealing machine is one of the most important fabrication of engineers of 20th century, the achievements led to sweet relieve for Agriculturist, industrialist, marketers etc. for this purpose, the production of Agricultural and industrials, goods which need appropriate attention for packaging and storage has been on the increase. Previously, the research project topics and materials
CHAPTER ONE   AIR CONDITIONER Indoor climate, once adjusted to human need only by opening of heating in winter and by opening windows or using fans.  In summer, is now capable of being varied to meet almost any comfort of industrial demand, anywhere on earth with precise automatic control. With the introduction of air conditioner, the indoor air can be controlled through the bl research project topics and materials
INTRODUCTION In this pass, cutting of grasses in the school, track or filed, Industries hotel, public centers, Agriculture lands etc. was done by machete or cutlass. This method of manual cutting not only was laborious but also time consuming as it is human effort that is entirely needed both for cutting and motion. There was also inaccuracy in cutting level of the each inaccuracy in cutting le research project topics and materials
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION Refrigeration is the process of removing heat from a substance or space in order to make it cool. It is defined also as a branch of science that deals with the process of reducing and maintaining the temperature of a space, substance or material below the temperature of the surrounding. For a space, substance or material to be cooled, it has to loose heat to another research project topics and materials
CHAPTER ONE                    INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background of study Cathodic protection (CP) is a method of controlling corrosion or a means of preventing corrosion of metaland can be applied to any buried and/or submerged metallic structures. It is normally used in conjunction with coatings and research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT The Importance of materials in industries cannot be overemphasized in the recent advancement of material development for automobiles, aerospace, oil and gas industry, etc. as it has been found to be a veritable tool in improving specific desired properties of metals. The exorbitant cost of heat treatment furnace which is mainly attributed to its imported nature has been responsible for i research project topics and materials
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