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CHAPTER ONE 1.1 INTRODUCTION Nigeria’s economy has suffered a terrible setback over the year the common man finds it difficult to make for his livelihood, some people take pop-corn as one of their favorite food especially bachelors spinsters who can take pop-corn as super, breakfast and even lunch.  The University and Polytechnics graduate no longer find good employment thereby emb research project topics and materials
Abstract Gait therapy methodologies were studied and analyzed for their potential for pediatric patients. Using data from heel, metatarsal, and toe trajectories, a nominal gait trajectory was determined using Fourier transforms for each foot point. These average trajectories were used as a basis of evaluating each gait therapy mechanism. An existing gait therapy device (called ICARE) pr research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT Mechanical Engineering Department of the named institute has many has non operational machines sequel to the fact, maintenance was poorly executed which resulted to the breakdown of this refrigerator. Quality and effectiveness of machine maintenance were well observed.  Also, a minimized cost of maintenance and a highly successful repair was adopted. In otherwords, duri research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT           The concept of this project is to actualize a practical way of paint production using a locally design mixing machine which is design to meet a low cost and high standard paint.           The project cut across all forms of engineering, such as mechanical machine design of a research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT This work is aimed at designing and fabricating a spin dryer which can be used in drying spent grains after brewing. This will no doubt save considerable human labours and time wastage involved in conventional method of drying the spent grains by spreading on the ground. It also saves as a means of employments for our teaming population. This machine was designed after due consideratio research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT           This project which is on the design and fabrication of a two face gas burner is a brief exploration on the various ways and means of designing, construction, operating the two face gas burner, putting cost into consideration for economic advantage.  Herein are brief information and literature on gas burner. &nbs research project topics and materials
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION We have participated indeed in mass shelling of corn using the most primitive. Cumbersome and difficult method of hand shelling, which encourages time consuming, and human stressfulness. Corn otherwise known as “Oka” in Igbo tribe is mostly used seed across all the tribe in country today. It is widely used in homes, hotels and schools for eating and seedi research project topics and materials
INTRODUCTION In this pass, cutting of grasses in the school, track or filed, Industries hotel, public centers, Agriculture lands etc. was done by machete or cutlass. This method of manual cutting not only was laborious but also time consuming as it is human effort that is entirely needed both for cutting and motion. There was also inaccuracy in cutting level of the each inaccuracy in cutting le research project topics and materials
INTRODUCTION The Mitchell tilting pad apparatus is a hydrodynamic measuring instrument developed in the early 1880’s in the laboratory of Beauchamp Tower in England. Tower was employed to study the friction in railway journal bearings and come up with the best method of lubricating them. The Mitchell tilting pad apparatus is used broadly in two different experiments namely; 1) Determinatio research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT The project is about fabrication of wheel barrow which is fabricated in mechanical Engineering workshop in institute of management and technology, Enugu. The report comprise five chapters, chapter one is about the introduction (background of the study) of the wheel-barrow, chapter tow is about the literature review, chapter three is about the theory and analysis of problem, chapter research project topics and materials
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