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INTRODUCTION Over time, motivation and satisfaction of workers on the job had been key to efficient and effective work attitude. In Nigerian schools, there is a general dearth of music teachers which has resulted in the employment of unqualified teachers to teach the subject, thereby helped in discouraging students through inefficient teaching. Nigeria as a developing country is concerned on ed research project topics and materials
     Background of the Study The notion of ‘NNUNG ESSIEN’ or songbird in my locality. Songbirds are birds that have the capability of singing songs or mimicking sounds. In my area, the typical songbird that is well known is Nnung Essien. A songbird means: §  A bird having a melodious song or call. §  A woman singer with a pleasing v research project topics and materials
CHAPTER ONE 1.0       Introduction 1.1       Background to the Study Akindele and Adegbite (2005) describe language as a system of sound or vocal symbols by which human communicate experience. Language plays an important role in human undertakings, it is also the association of sounds with thought, concept or images in the mind a research project topics and materials
CHAPTER ONE   INTRODUCTION     1.1   BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY     The advent of foreign music like the hiphop, Reggae, Rock & Roll, R & B, rap, jazz etc in Nigeria has been a welcome phenomenon, while some people believe it has created a massive and unappealing change in the life of the youths, insisting it’s slowly but surely research project topics and materials
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