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ABSTRACT This project has the aim of studying the fertility and mortality rate in Osogbo Local Government.  The study employed the use of statistical methods like moving Average, least square and Demography analysis.  The result of the analysis shows that there is relationship between fertility and mortality. It is also the predictive power of an increase. Therefore, it is recommended research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT The problem of every hospital when the targeted objective is not achieved is that there is something wring either with health care givers, the patients or the general public. In order to improve the standard of health of the patients and keep them progressively fit. The reason why such lapse are present here to be sought and the remedy met in order to achieve the set objective of the h research project topics and materials
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1            Background to the Study Nosocomial infection also known as Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI) is a localized or systemic infection acquired in a hospital or any other health care facility by a patient admitted for a reason other than the pathology present during admission. It may also include an research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT Immunization is a modern miracle; it has saved millions of lives worldwide and its origin dates back ancient Greece. In the 14th century the Chinese discovered and used a primitive form of vaccination called variolation. The aim was to prevent small pox by exposing healthy people to tissue from the scabs caused by the disease this is the first recorded attempt at vaccination. The research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT HIV and AIDS Human Immuno Deficiency virus and Acquired Immuno deficiency syndrome respectively is one of the most devastating worldwide public health problem in recent history. The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimated that in 2006, 942,000 people in the United States had been diagnosed with Aids since the disease was identified in 1981. (The free di research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT Food is anything which when taken into the body serves       to nourish or build up the body tissues or to supply body        health (Nurses Dictionary 2010). Man is made up of what he eats. The constituents of food which are proteins carbohydrates, fats vitamins, minerals, water nourishes the body and makes man research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT Tuberculosis is a problem of global importance among communicable diseases. It is second leading disease causing death worldwide killing nearly 2 million people each year in Nigeria. Non-compliance of patients on tuberculosis treatment in an irregular and unreliable way has greatly caused risk of treatment failure, relapse and the development of drug-resistance tuberculosis strain research project topics and materials
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) also referred to as sexually transmitted infections(STIs) and Venereal Disease (VD) are illness that have a significant probability of transmission between humans by means of human sexual behavior, including vaginal intercourse, oral sex and anal sex. The sexually transmitted diseases are groups of commu research project topics and materials
CHAPTER ONE THE PERCEPTION AND ATTITUDE OF PREGNANT WOMEN IN OREDO LOCAL GOVERNMENT TOWARDS CESAREAN SECTION INTRODUCTION BACKGROUND OF STUDY Pregnancy as a physiologic state is expected to lead to a process of delivery within thirty six weeks (36) of gestation in a normal delivery but due to the different reasons such as variation in human body, sizes, races, external factors e.t.c, i research project topics and materials
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION A virus is a small infectious agent having a simple acellular organization with a nucleic acid and aprotein coat.It lacks independent metabolism and replicate only within living hosts. A virus invades living cells and uses its chemical machinery to keep itself alive and replicate in the host. It may reproduce with fidelity or with errors (mutations); this ability to research project topics and materials
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