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ABSTRACT petrol service stations: This project examines the locational impact of petrol stations in Uvwie local government area. Primary data was collected using questionnaire and secondary data was collected from Ikonos digital imagery of Warri metropolitan area, 50 petrol stations were analyzed and questions administered to the respondents regarding to the locational impact of the petrol stat research project topics and materials
Background of study   Nodal analysis:  also known as “system analysis” is a systematic procedure/approach applied to the enhancement or optimization of production of oil and gas wells by analyzing and evaluating the complete production system. Every component that constitutes the production system can be optimized to achieve the objective production (flow) rate most econom research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT Production well optimization and modeling is very important in the efficient management of oil and gas production from a well. A major factor contributing to this process is the accurate estimations of the flowing bottom-hole pressure at the formation as it helps in various petroleum production engineering analysis. Some of these analysis include studies on Vertical Lift Performance (V research project topics and materials
Oil rim reservoirs are thin oil column reservoirs which are usually underlain by water aquifer and/or overlain by gas cap. Their column thickness is typically in tens of feet, i.e. they are usually in the range of 13 – 90 feet. Rahim et al. (2013) states that oil rims may be in a pancake or rim shapes, as shown in figure 2. Oil rims reservoirs are common in the Niger Delta and other oil prov research project topics and materials
INTRODUCTION Drilling mud is a flowing fluid applied in rotary drilling for achieving single or multiple tasks during the procedure, and its typically consist of water/oil, clay, weighing compounds and few other chemical additives (American Institute of Petroleum, 1998). It most important physical characteristics are viscosity and water holding/retaining properties (Crowo, 1990). The successful research project topics and materials
1.0 Background of Study Oil and Gas is considered to be one of the major sources of energy in the world due to its high energy density, easy transportability, and relative abundance. It is a vital factor in every country’s economy. Almost all items that we buy, use, and consume are products of oil. The EIA (Energy Information Administration) stated that the world consumption of crude oil research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT The technique used worldwide while drilling is known as overbalanced drilling. Which is defined as the drilling process where the hydrostatic pressure used exceeds the formation pressure. This is done with the main purpose of “killing” the well. However, there are numerous problems that accompany overbalanced drilling. Such problems are differential pipe sticking, loss of c research project topics and materials
Background of the Study The need for resource-rich Nigeria to assume control of the exploration, exploitation and production activities in the oil and gas sector and to harness the potentials of this most strategic industry in order to generate more value-added, seems to be receiving much desired attention from all the stakeholders. This need is equally expressed in Nigeria’s desire to do research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT The aim of this project works is to Design and Construct a Microcontroller Based Liquefied Petroleum Gas leakage Detector system using GSM Module, a system capable of detecting if there is gas leakage and sends messages to specified number informing them about the leakage without any time delay. This design work was achieved by using a gas sensor which monitor and detect if there is research project topics and materials
Natural gas dehydration is the removal of water or water vapour from the natural gas stream. Free water in natural gas gives rise to difficulties in production, handling and transmission of natural gas. It is therefore necessary that water be removed from the gas stream as soon as possible. There are several methods of dehydrating natural gas but the most common of these methods are: (i)Refr research project topics and materials
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