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GENERAL INTRODUCTION AND THE CLARIFICATION OF TERMS Human beings live in a world that is laden with many possibilities. As a being with the capacity to choose between alternatives, he has been able to surmount the numerous problems he has so far encountered. Not only this, he has been able to develop this world by merely and freely choosing almost the best out of his many alternatives. However, i research project topics and materials
PROBLEM AND BACKGROUND 1.1 PURPOSE OF THE STUDY ·         It was Martin Heidegger in his Being and Time, who changed the course of study laid down by his predecessors who were more interested in autonomous sciences. He set out to revive philosophy, not only of the problem of man but also that of ‘Being’. It is also the view of research project topics and materials
TOWARDS ESTABLISHING THE BACKGROUND OF  POPPERIAN PHILOSOPHY OF SCIENCE.   CAN FACTS CONSTITUTE THE TERMINUS A QUO OF SCIENCE? (THE PROBLEM OF INDUCTION) Growth: It is one of the fundamental canons of the empiricists, the positivists of all sorts and in fact the entire circle of the inductivists, that the ladder of science can only be climbed through the collection and asse research project topics and materials
 INTRODUCTION There are diverse understanding of the concept of the human person among thinkers and philosophers. In this regard, Arthur C. Danto affirms that “Neither in common usage, nor in philosophy has there been a univocal concept of ‘person”[1] . But basically, the English word ‘person’ is derived from the Latin word, ‘persona,’ which can be research project topics and materials
1.0 GENERAL INTRODUCTION Quite a number of things are fanciful to human being; wealth, prestige, power, good health and host of others. However, all these things make more meaning only when shared with others. Therefore, friends are “sine qua non” to human existence. It is on this ground that Aristotle would say, “for man is a social being, and designed by nature to live with ot research project topics and materials
1.0 STATEMENT OF PROBLEM The problem to be treated is about moral decision-making. How is one to act when faced with a moral decisive situation? Life presents us with situations where decisions are not so clear-cut. Saying yes to one perceived good often means saying no to another. The question “what ought I to do” in a given situation raises conflict for us. Making decision research project topics and materials
1 Introduction Democracy: Machiavelli has gained the world popularity because of the way he conceived and understood politics. Today “Machiavellism” is used to describe a political situation characterized by tyranny, despotism, deception, and violence. This is because of Machiavelli’s approach and guidelines towards achieving stability in the state. Machiavelli crafts a perspect research project topics and materials
INTRODUCTION There are two good things in life: freedom of thought and freedom of action 1] . In the whole world, man is the only being that is condemned by its nature to be free as well as to be religious. So by nature man is endowed with the power of the will just as he is equally endowed with the religious tendency. Freewill in the simplest term means the freedom to make choice. Moreover, research project topics and materials
 INTRODUCTION Majority of the humans in the world are born into one religion or the other.[1] The environment in which we live is densely religious. As a result, one starts to hear, see and touch things about God very early in life. In the market, on the road, even in drinking houses you see and hear people talk about God. Even when you are in your house a loudspeaker is at your window telli research project topics and materials
 INTRODUCTION There seems to be a universal law of preservation and conservation in nature. Rock, seas, minerals, plants, animals and man; all endure because of this universal law of nature. For instance, animals of both higher and lower species that breach this natural law risk extinction, as the other animals will prey on them. Hence, all species, genus, genders, classes and families research project topics and materials
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