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CHAPTER ONE 1.1   INTRODUCTION Nigeria operates a federal system of government with a Federal Capital Territory (Abuja), 36 states and 774 local governments. As creatures of the federal government, local governments are constitutionally mandated to perform four basic functions: to provide a machinery for the discussion of local needs and for the provisions of corresponding services research project topics and materials
1.1        INTRODUCTION The concept of Intergovernmental relations is associated with states having a Federal Administration system where the relationships between the Federal, Central or National Governmental and major sub-national unit (province, region or state) formally spec out in constitution. Intergovernmental relations have been seen as a system of tra research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT  The research provides an  appraisal of the war against terrorism with a focus on Nigerian diplomatic dimension  against book haram insurgency . The effect of the boko haram  insurgency has in recent times constituted a serious threat to the security of lives and property of Nigerians in the north east .As a result many lives and properties have been lost ,while oth research project topics and materials
Prior to 1861 when Britain annexed Lagos, governance in what is known as Nigeria revolved around Traditional rulers.  There is no doubt that traditional rulers in Nigeria have witnessed the erosion of their powers.  This political scenario had elicited so many arguments among stakeholders and traditional rulers on their role and relevance in the emerging political arrangement.  It i research project topics and materials
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION   BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY   The advent of internet and technology has exposed majority of the global population to different interactive platforms on which different kinds of information is exchanged which might significantly have effect on human behaviour, decision and judgment (CES, 2012). Social media are new information network and information research project topics and materials
 CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1   BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY  The use of card readers at the 2015 general election in Nigeria has infused some level of transparency and credibility into Nigeria's electoral process (Okonji, 2015). It was observed that when the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) first announced its plan to introduce card reader machine for t research project topics and materials
Generally, literature review means the review of the works of several authors, thinkers, philosophers, writers, commentators, who have written books on the same problem areas. The purpose of literature review is, to provide a theoretical perspective for the research work.  For the purpose of this research work therefore, the works of several authors will be reviewed. The concepts to be rev research project topics and materials
INTRODUCTION  Amuwo (2005) and Obayelu (2007) consider corruption as the exploitation of public position, resources and power for private gain. Fjeldstad&Isaksen (2008, p. 3) and Ogundiya (2009, p. 5) define corruption as “the betrayal of public trust for individual or sectional gain.” Obayelu went further to identify corruption as “efforts to secure wealth or power t research project topics and materials
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