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ABSTRACT It is pertinent to deduce that the efficiency of teaching cannot be said to be achieved through only techniques based on teacher characteristics. There are other subsidiaries which buoy the final output, one of these attributes of achieving effective or enhanced teaching is through instructional media; ideas, designs programmes and activities developed as materials to aid in the impart research project topics and materials
Background of the Study Psychological well-being is about lives going well. It is the combination of feeling good and functioning effectively (Ryff & Singer, 2008; Selingman, 2011). Sustainable well-being does not require individuals to feel good all the time; the experience of painful emotion is a normal part of life, and being able to manage these negative or painful emotions is essential research project topics and materials
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.0 GENERAL INTRODUCTION All through the years and for several millennia, from the Stone Age to the Modern age – the struggle for dominance and superiority between the two know (female and the male gender) has never abated. Patriarchy – adjudged and described by feminist as the conscious minimization and subjugation of the women folks, deploying ideologies, research project topics and materials
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION Background of the study The child is an important member of the environment and every society recognizes the worth of the child. In all human societies, children are highly regarded and accepted. Children provide for the survival of the society in term of population. It is the children that will promote and custody customs when adults die. Children are marks research project topics and materials
INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background of the study The progressive deterioration suffered by our physical environments has given rise, over the last years, to a political-social sensitization, focused on the need to increase and guarantee the protection of areas of great aesthetic value. Thus in recent years, several governments have tapped into this ideology by restricting some operation from such re research project topics and materials
CHAPTER ONE Introduction Watson and Friend (1969) defined fear of negative evaluation as apprehension about others’ evaluation, distress over their negative evaluation, and the expectation that others would evaluate oneself negatively. Carleton et al, (2006) defined fear of negative evaluation as the apprehension and distress arising from concern about being judged despairingly or hosti research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT This study investigated the influence of gender and mode of study on examination anxiety among undergraduates. 77 regular students (37 males and 40 females) and 53 mature students (28 males and 25 females) were sampled. The sample were randomly selected from the population of both mature and regular students of Enugu State University of Science and Technology. The age range of the matu research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT This is a research study on the relationship between organizational commitment, job satisfaction and performance among officers of Nigerian Police Forces. One hundred and sixteen officers of Nigerian Police Force who were randomly selected from several police stations in Anambra State of Nigeria participated in the study. They are made up of 68 males and 48 females. 41 of the males are research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT This research work was aimed at investigating the influence of developmental psychology on the academic performance of secondary school students. The focus of this project was on Oredo Local Government Area of Edo State. Data was collected by means of questionnaire which was administered to the two hundred (200) sample respondents sleeted through random sampling technique. The data col research project topics and materials
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION Background to the Study         The national youth service corps was set up by decree 24 in May, 1973 and modified by decree 51 of June 1993 to inculcate in Nigerian youths a spirit of selfless service to the community and to promote a spirit of oneness and unity in a nation of diverse cultures, economic and social background., i research project topics and materials
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