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Background of the Study The importance of employing good evaluation in improving manpower development cannot be over emphasized. Manpower development according to Brach (2000), is educational and development activities conducted by an enterprises to improve the lives of their workers. The activities have definite relationship to employer’s productivity. Adequate manpower development in huma research project topics and materials
BACK GROUND OF THE STUDY It is known fact that the principal motive of management of any organization is to make individual and people contribute positively towards the activities which it consist. So as to achieve the mission and goal of the enterprise employee motivated. Hermman motivates are based on need such as the physiological requirement for water food sleep and shelter other need may research project topics and materials
BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY One of the universals of organizations is objectives or goals. Every organization is characterized with the following features: people and structure and all this are geared towards the attainment of its stated goals. Chis Argyris defines an organization as “Intricate human strategies designed to achieve certain objectives” also, Blake and Mouton identified seve research project topics and materials
Background of the Study Training refers to the teaching or learning activity carried on for the primary purpose of helping members of an organization acquired and apply the knowledge, ability, skill and attitude needed by the organization. Training and Development of an employee cannot be overlooked especially in the bank sector as it forms the umbilical cord of proficiency and greater efficienc research project topics and materials
Background of the study All organizations are concerned with what should be done to achieve high level of productivity through staff motivation using the right kind of incentive. Consequently the effect of financial and non financial incentive becomes a burning issue in human resource management. As such a lot of theoretical concept, principles and techniques of management have evolved in re research project topics and materials
0 INTRODUCTION Motivation on bank employee was established by the organisation (bank) with the aim to reset the healthy course of reconstruction growth and development of the organisation (bank) this research is set to understand how height level of employee engagement incentive to reward good work which happen to be a tried and also a test way of boosting staff moral. But from banks perspecti research project topics and materials
CHAPTER ONE BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY 1.1    Introduction Organizations are established with the aim of effectively utilizing various available human and non-human resource to achieve certain objective. Among these resources in human, which is commonly seen as the most valuable asset an organization could use to earn competitive advantage and achieve its objective, hence the need f research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT One of the most pressing issues facing most organizations today is the need to raise employee productivity. There is a widespread belief that productivity improvements can only be achieved through a fundamental reform in the area of employee relations. Changes are thought to be necessary both in the organization and structure of work and in the way in which employees are trained, remuner research project topics and materials
THE TRADE UNION AND ITS FUNCTIONS Trade union might be build from various perspective in terms of definitions         Akpala (1982) defines trade union as a continuous association of wages earners who as individual producers are complementary to another but who stand to the employees in relations of dependence to strengthen their power to bargaining with employ research project topics and materials
Category>OND Project One of the major problems confronting management today is that of motivating to perform assigned task to meet or surpasses predetermined standard. Motivation is that energizing forces that induces or compels and maintains behaviour. Human behaviour is motivated it is goals directed. It is not easy to motivate an individual, for the success of any motivational effort d research project topics and materials
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