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1.ABSTRACT This project is an attempted to study and analyze The Impact of Training and Development on Staff Efficiency of First Banks Nigeria Plc Kaduna. Hence the objectives of this study is to find the way forward for first bank to improve on the suitable and how to acquired standard training facilities which is pointed out in the introduction of the project. The research method used in the co research project topics and materials
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1   Background of the Study  The role of the small and medium enterprises (SME) as a catalyst for economic growth and development has been well documented in the economic literature and recognized in most countries.  For example, in many of the newly industrialized nations, more than Ninety eight (98) percent of all industrial enterprises belong to research project topics and materials
THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK FOR THE STUDY          Until recently there has been a general resistance to investment of training in the public service because of the believe that “Employees hired under a meut system must be presumed to be qualified, that they were already trained for their jobs and that if this was not so it was evidence that initial selecti research project topics and materials
Articles on this site are extracts from literature review of research projects, Get the full Project 2.1     Conceptual Framework Adebayo (a004) defined taxation is the legal demand made by the Federal Government or State government for its citizens to pay money on income goods and services. In a less complex society in which the government has few duties and responsibilit research project topics and materials
The present Kaduna State Civil Service Commission came into being since the creation of Kaduna State in 1976 after the abolition of North Central State by the Murtala Regime. The Civil Service Commission has a constitutional right of existence as provided for in section 197 of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria of 1999, and the appointment of the chairman and members, except in t research project topics and materials
CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION  BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY           The concept of personnel management is a common term to mean management of staff in an organisation.   The conceptual approach refers to the administration of staff matters in an organisations. The operational approach deals with what personnel officers naturally do. The m research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT The study examines the association with commercializing enterprises in Nigeria. In addition, it seeks to investigate the reason for commercializing public enterprises in the country. Issue generated by commercialization and its impact on the Nigerian economy as a whole properly analyzed. The primary and secondary sources of data collection were used to gather facts relating to the study. research project topics and materials
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION As long as human being need each other in behaviour and action economic activities as well as administration are becoming more and more complex, organizations are lending towards grouping together, while in sit of organizations are globally. Institutions in the same group or ministries may frequently be separated geographically by considerable distance. Often ther research project topics and materials
INTRODUCTION Increasing competition is continually pushing businesses towards more efficient processes, and slimmer margins. Highly capitalized industries have to ensure that their resources are used most effectively. Yet at the same time, businesses must adjust to rapidly changing customer requirements and supply chain conditions. The key to achieving operational excellence,  therefore, is research project topics and materials
BACK GROUND OF THE STUDY Nigeria as a sovereign nation operates a federal system of government i.e the federal government, state government and the local government councils. Onwo (1992) Observed that each level of the three tiers of government derive its powers not from the magnanimity of the central government but from the constitution; each level of government has defined responsibilities ass research project topics and materials
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