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ABSTRACT Gender equality is one of the major problem that is affecting people in the society, it affect everybody in one way of the other. The study identified the level of gender equality in Makurdi local government Area, Benue State. The objective of the study is to explain the causes of gender equality in Makurdi. To explain the roles and status of women in Makurdi local government area, Ben research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT  Airline reservation and ticketing in a commercial airline company is a project work aimed at creating a syst flight by making reservations. As the world is turning into a global village with almost every aspect of human endavour getting computerized, the aviation industries management is looking forward to making available their flight reservations online. This project re research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT The media is evidently seen as one of the agents of socialization, in the study of the society. This means that the media is capable of influencing the attitude, character, lifestyle and culture of individuals either negatively or positively. Today, the nature of most Nigerian movies have grown or evolved from bad to worse, especially on the part of those that portray sex, pornography research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT Inheritance rights are one of the central problems that cause conflict among families prevalent to the extent that a house holder (father) has to write his will before he dies. The common practice is that, women have no say in the property sharing as a member of the family.The objective of this study is to examine the definition of property rights in Ankpa community. To determine the p research project topics and materials
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1       BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Charles Darwin (1959) the history of  man from animals wandering in the wilderness which have no fixed home but moved from one tree to another, from on district to another till he attained the states of homo-sapiens like Darwin all historians of  early man like Lamarck (1809). Saw man a research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT The impact of staff training on the performance of local government area staff in Anambra state has many problems affecting it. These include lack of well articulated policy guidelines, no parameter for identification of workers’ needs, no definite job analysis and job description; indiscriminate staff training that has no relevance to their tasks. the problems of inade research project topics and materials
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1   Background to the study In recent decades, there have been large gains, no doubt in comparable levels, in basic rights and opportunities, in life expectancy and enrolment ratio for women. But despite these gains, the stark reality has not changed. There still are larger gender disparities in basic human rights, resources, and economic opportunity, research project topics and materials
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1     BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY It is indisputable true that man has almost complete dominion over all things on earth, yet he has remained subjected to physical, biological and social environmental problems which he created. Non-communicable diseases (NCDS), also known as chronic diseases are not contagious or transferable from one person to research project topics and materials
Project Abstract: The topic of this research paper sociology and entrepreneurship, contribution and challenges to the socioeconomic development of Nigeria has been effectively researched. The study involved the random sampling of three (3) indigenous contractors involved in the importation of computer for the Nigeria market. Data was obtained from the administrated questionnaire and personal in research project topics and materials
Abstract The rising wave of incidence of commercial sex work has given serious concern to the government, parents, health workers and the society. The causes and effects of commercial sex work among AkwaIbom girls in Uyo Local Government is the main concern of this study. The study seeks to find out the possible ways in which the problem of commercial sex work can be eradicated in the soci research project topics and materials
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