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Bentonites are clays rich in smectite whose properties such as crystal structure and size, cation exchange capacity (CEC), hydration and swelling, thixotropy, bonding capacity, impermeability, plasticity and tendency to react with organic compounds make them advantageous for a variety of applications. Smectites are 2:1 type of aluminosilicate having crystal lattice that consists of two-d research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT The effect of crude oil contaminated soil on physical and biochemical properties of beans (Phaseolus vulgaris) was investigated. Fifteen polythene pots with drainage holes at the bottom, each containing 10 kg of surface soil, were randomly placed on a table in the greenhouse in a factorial combination of five treatment levels (0.4%, 0.3%, 0.2%, 0.1% and 0% w/w) of crude oil and w research project topics and materials
   When a compressive load is applied to a soil mass, the volume of the soil mass tends to reduce, due to a reduction in its voids. This reduction in the volume of a soil mass on the application of a compressive stress can rather be placed either normally (literally), or vertically or in both directions depending on how the soil mass is allowed to deform. When a vertical compression defo research project topics and materials
2.2   LITERATURE REVIEW The effect of soil erosion is a worldwide phenomena particularly because of its adverse effects on man. As a result a lot of literature exists on these issues. A review of the ones relevant for this study will be discussed. EFFECTS OF SOIL EROSION/ CAUSES Soil erosion has been identified as a serious environment problem with a multiplicity of social and research project topics and materials
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