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ABSTRACT In this modern age of development, political inequality between men and women has always been an important issue of concern. This is so because of the realization that the marginalization of a segment, race or particular sex in the society has far – reaching implications on the development of that society. Nigerian society and perhaps many countries in Africa seem to have a tenac research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT It is a widely accepted notion that Nollywood movies contain negative content such as drug addiction, armed robbery, sexual immorality, women and child abuse amongst others, which in effect elicit negative reaction from its viewers. These negative reactions often result in negative societal consequences. This research work explores the positive values projected in Nollywood moviesas it research project topics and materials
ABSTRACT This research work examines theatre as a tool for communicating hand washing among primary school pupils in an attempt to assessing the importance of Theatre to children and how it serves as a platform for learning and not just for entertainment. Further it goes to show also that (Theatre) serves as a place for connection of attitude and behaviours, this attest to the fact that it teac research project topics and materials
<p>Nigeria offers variety of festivals with sound and rich cultural heritage. The evidences of these festivals are found in all the geo-political zones in the country which serves as veritable instruments of national integration, peaceful co-existence and cultural possibilities. <br /> </p> <p>A number of cultural activities exist in Nigeria, which create unique creative research project topics and materials
CHAPTER ONE   INTRODUCTION     1.1      Background of the Study     Nigerian movies, popularly referred to as Nollywood movies, produced by the Nigerian film industry uses formats such as video cassette, video compact disc (VCD), and more recently the digital video disc (DVD), in producing their movies. These Nigerian movies research project topics and materials
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