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Computer system is well known today as electronic device that accept input ecths in data representation and transform it to meaningful output. This project was conducted to access and solve the problem of paper ballot system that currently of used in conducting election by the (INEC).the way election are conducted determine the type of leader that constitute the governor and nature of governance in Nigeria. This research work is carried out using and indigenous developed software to be run on well designed electronic voting machine which could be used for paper planning, and implementation of computerize election. Computerized election is the latest invention to prove to the world’s advancement in technology. Is has gain widely acceptability and has been adopted for use by the government of developed countries in the world. This project is developed having INEC in mind for proper registration, accreditation, verivication voting, counting of votes and possible recounting of votes. The system is user friendly, easy to use and the result obtained are accurate and reliable.

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