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The effect of leaf extract of ocimum gratissimium (scent leaf) and vernonia Amygdalina (bitter leaf) under nicotinanmide coverage was studied using albino wistar rat. Acute toxicity of the plant was carried out using (Lorkes method). LD50 was calculated to be 208 mglkg. The main work involved 49 albino wistar rats weighing 150g to 200g. The rats were put in 7 groups of 7 rats each. Rats in group I served as the control and were administered distilled water and feed. Rats in Groups II-VII were administered OG, V.A, DM+NICO, DM+NICO+OG, DM+NICO+VA, DM+NICO+OG+VA respectively for 28 days according to their body weight. Oral administration was used for all the groups. The result obtained showed the mean± SEM P values (P<0.05) was taken as significant. DM + NICO + OG lowered (P<0.05) the VLDL level. DM + NICO + VA lowered (P<0.05) T - CHOL level compared to the control but DM + NICO + VA was seen to raise T-CHOL level. DM + NICO + OG +V.A significantly lowered (P<0.05) the TG level compared to control, O.G and DM + NICO + VA + O.G groups. According to the study, NICO + V.A lowers Lipid profile. O.G increases LDL levels thereby increasing the risk of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular complication.

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